Friday, October 19, 2018

Sydney in Purple

Hey! It's Sydney. Today I have a mini photo-shoot of me!

This is my favorite outfit ever! I need another photo-shoot (and not just a mini one) of me in this outfit.

Also, if you haven't already vote on Who Wore it Best? and Fabulous? or Fail? (if you vote we will give you a shout-out on the next Fabulous? or Fail?

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Monday, October 15, 2018


Hi everyone! Katherine here. Today I have a mini photo-shoot of Luci the Bitty Baby. 


These pictures are fall themed and I love it!

Even though these are fall photos, and it's fall, it does not feel like fall! We had an unusual small snow!

Have you gotten snow yet?

Which picture is your favorite?

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Friday, October 12, 2018

Fabulous? or Fail?

Hey y'all! It's your girl Saige here. Today I'm posting Fabulous? or Fail? Why you ask? Because it was my birthday! (It was the 8th.) Since I've had parties before for my birthday, this year I asked if I could pick out the outfit for Fabulous? or Fail? and make the post!

 Instead of birthday wishes just comment below and vote on the outfit! :)

The *last one* was

Fabulous! Shout out to CutePolarBear, Sassafras (check out her blog *here*), and KittyMeow (check out her blog *here*) for voting! So, make sure you vote if you want Katherine to give you a shout-out in the next Fabulous? or Fail? (If you don't want a shout-out, just let me know but still vote.)

Are you ready for my outfit?

I'm the model today!

My outfit consists of:

Hat: American Girl

Shirt: Little Gloriana 

Dress: Katherine's friend Lydia sewed it! (Check out her blog *here* ) 

Shoes: American Girl

So, is my birthday outfit Fabulous? or is it a Fail?

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Monday, October 8, 2018

Anastasia Meets Tatum-Chloe

Hello everyone! Anastasia here. Yesterday I got to meet a new friend! Some of you might remember when Katherine hung out with Clara aka dollogy . Well, I got to go along this time!

(Click *here* for all of the posts of us girls meeting new friends!)

I got to meet Tatum-Chloe! She was awesome! ^-^

Enjoy this photo-shoot!

We explored a forest, it was so much fun!

This is one of my favorite pictures!

Then we played on the playground which was so fun!

I had so much fun meeting Tatum-Chloe!

I know I ask this a lot, but have you met any internet friends? Or are there some internet friends that you want to meet?

What's your favorite picture?

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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

My Thoughts on the New Release

Hi everyone! Katherine here today with another My Thoughts on the New Release. (I won't being doing my thoughts on the Bitty Baby and the Wellie Wisher items)

(Also yes today is Tuesday. I didn't have a post on Monday like normal, because I wanted to do my thoughts on the new release, and I didn't have time to get the post up in the morning)


'Tis the Season Party Dress for 18-inch Dolls

'Tis the Season Party Dress 

I like the bodice of this dress, but personally, for me, I'd like it if the dress was a little more fitted - the doll almost looks fat.

Let It Snow Outfit for 18-inch Dolls
Let it Snow Outfit

I really like this outfit! The black and white looks so nice, classy, and simple. However, I don't like the sleeveless if it's supposed to be a winter outfit. Who wears sleeveless in the winter unless you live in a place like Florida?  Other than that, I still like it!

Winter Sparkles Outfit for 18-inch Dolls
Winter Sparkles Outfit 

This outfit is ADORABLE!! I love the light pink, and the coat is so cute!

Holiday Dreams Pajamas for 18-inch Dolls

Holiday Dreams Pajamas

This set is okay. Personally, I'm not a fan of the shirt together for some reason. I think it's because the red shirt is such a different red than the pants or slippers. I've liked the past pajamas 

'Twas the Night Before Set
'Twas the Night Before set

This set is cute! I love the bathrobe, the tiny book and the cookies. 

Now onto the mix-n-match items! 

Personally, I don't like most of the new mix-n-match items but that's just my opinion.

Sequin Collar Sweater for 18-inch Dolls
Sequin Collar Sweater 

I'm not a huge fan of it, it's alright.

Bright Lights Flats for 18-inch Dolls
Bright Lights Flats

These are cute! I  like how they are just plain sparkly silver because they could be used for a lot of mix-n-match. 

City Chic Dress for 18-inch Dolls

City Chic Dress

I LOVE this dress! It is so cute! I love the different splotches of color, and then the color blocks of purple on the sides. I can see the dolls wanting this dress!

City Sights Jacket & Silver Starlight Skirt Outfit for 18-inch Dolls

(I'm doing some of the mix-n-match together)

I LOVE the skirt! That's cute! The jacket is cute. I don't really like the tank though. 

Sequin Collar Sweater & Downtown Skirt Outfit for 18-inch Dolls

I REALLY like the skirt. It's super cute! And the hat is cute it. (It's about the same color as my favorite color)

Follow Your Art Tee & Silver Starlight Skirt Outfit for 18-inch Dolls
I like the shirt. I think it's a nice, casual comfy type shirt. The vest is okay. I thought I'd like it when I saw it on a doll, but I didn't like it with the shirt. The shoes are cute. They would work nicely to mix-n-match.

There were a pair of shorts and leggings and I didn't hate them or love them so I won't be doing my thoughts on it.

Overall, unfortunately, I was kind of disappointed with this release. I did like about half of the new things. At least everything wasn't pink though! I'm glad about that. I did like, however, the city chic dress, the winter sparkle outfit, and the two skirts. 

What do you think? Did you like the release? Or were you disappointed?

Do you agree or disagree with me?

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