Wednesday, January 28, 2015

AGPC Season One: Challenge One

This post is for

AGPC Season One: Challenge One- From Dolls On My Mind

Here is the picture! :)
This is me drawing! (Yes, I have glasses. *sigh*)

Monday, January 26, 2015

New blog!

So I heard about this new blog. She just started, and she takes all the pictures of me. I am making a link to her blog.
Many Marigolds

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Bad Luck

Some people just have bad luck. Some just fall into bad luck. Me for instance, I fell into bad luck. I was leaning in front of mum's and sis's falling down house, when a well to do girl walked by.

 Hands in my pocket, I was feeling depressed. The Great Depression. Good name for it.
My feet were caked with dirt.

She looked up and caught my eye, and  I looked down. She stoped and her skirt swooshed. "What's your name?" she asked. I thought for a moment. "Tom," I said. I felt bad about lying, but it wasn't good for a girl to work like a boy, dress like a boy, talk like a boy, and have a girl's name. She looked into my blue eyes. "You have pretty eyes Tom." She smiled, but I felt sick. She thought I was a boy, which was good! I quickly tucked my curly hair under my cap. "You down on your luck Tom?" I nodded. "You hungry?" I nodded vigorously. I looked down at the cracked earth.
I closed my eyes. I was so hungry it hurt. 
"Come on. I'll get you some food." My eyes flung open. Food! 
She took me to her house. "Wait here Tom, I'll be right back." So I waited. 
When she brought me food, I ate. I stuffed my mouth full, and my pockets. For my mum and sis. I told her goodbye. I felt bad about not telling her that I was a girl, we could of been friends. Oh well. Tomorrow we would probably move. Maybe we'll meet again......
Hope you enjoyed Bad Luck! I might do more.

Friday, January 23, 2015

I want fabulous!

Hi everyone! This is Samantha, Saige's friend. She is letting me guest post, so here is a photoshoot of me!


Thursday, January 22, 2015

My house!

Hey everybody! This is Saige. I am sooo much better now! I promised you a tour of my house, and here it is!
My kitchen. 
My writing desk and blogging desk. 
My dresser! 
A close up.
My closet.

My bed, Toasty's bed. 

My wall and posters. -
And my wonderful view of my mountain! Hope you enjoyed the tour. 
~Saige~ :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Saige was sick

Hey! Samantha here with a short post.  I'm sorry Saige hasn't posted in a while. She got sick Saturday night. She was still sick Sunday, feeling better on Monday, and she is fine today. (Now she has to give you a tour of our house.)  Anyway, Saige is DYING to show you pictures of her hair. (She is sooo like "I love my awesome hair!" It is a little annoying.) Well I have to go. Talk to you guys later!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fun fun fun!

On Sunday Samantha and I had so much fun! She came over to my house, and then we went over to our friends house. Elizabeth, Josephine,  Kanani, Julie, Kaya, and Emily. It helped me to be not as sad. Then yesterday, after I took my walk, our room was a mess! (Samantha, really, that is an ugly outfit! Again!?) Tomorrow I'll have to give you a tour of our house. Thanks for reading!

Look! My folders are messed up!

And the dresser.

Clothes on the floor.

But, it was probably Toasty.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Surprise 3

Here we go, surprise number three, breakfast in bed! (Samantha came over and spent the night! :) )
 I was being lazy, and staying in bed.
Then Samantha wanted towalk Toasty. (I had to remind Sam to take her phone, put her phone in her purse, that's an ugly outfit and so on.)

Then I got ready to pack. First I got dressed.

Got out my suitcase. 

Found my clothes.
Then I got a call from my aunt. She is sick, and I can't go to Paris to stay with her! I am devastated!!!!! :'(

Friday, January 9, 2015

Surprise 2

(Sorry our room is a mess!) Hi everyone! Samantha here! I am really surprised! Saige had done my hair, because I was going to a friend's tea party, and I was waiting for my friend to pick me up. I went into the bedroom because the brush was in there, and there was Nellie! Nellie is Saige's friend and mine. She was adopted by a rich family, and they took her to the beach. I am still really surprised! Saige got some pictures. Even Toasty was happy to see Nellie. (I think Saige included some pictures of my hair.) The second to last Nellie and I were whispering.