Monday, October 31, 2016

Toasty in Fall {An AGPS} {Part 1}

Hello! Hello! This is Anastasia! I finally get to post again! Yay! I hope you guys are enjoying when I post because I love to post! I was so happy when you voted for me when Bella asked you on Friday! (I hope I'm not using too many exclamation points) 
I'm so happy to post these and show you. There will be two posts of this photo-shoot. Bella's really proud of how these turned out. ^-^ (She's not bragging though)
Toasty came along with me. We are exploring a huge tree that had been recently cut down.

I was afraid that Toasty was going to fall in!

Cute little Toasty looking at the camera!
(Click on the picture to make it larger)
I also borrowed my sister's bike and rode around on it.

Toasty enjoyed riding in the basket and running beside the bike.
That's all for part 1!
Which photo was your favorite?
I like this part, but the second is my absolute favorite!!
Also, do you like my cardigan? Bella sewed it for me the night before!
All right. I'll end this post so you can comment on it and make me happy!
Wait. I must ask you a question. Two actually. 
What is your favorite season?
Do you have any pets?
Goodbye for now!
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Friday, October 28, 2016

Fabulous or Fail?

Hello everyone! This is Bella. Today I have (in my opinion) the most fun post: Fabulous of Fail?
The last one was 
a tie! 
It was a tie of 5 to 5. I don't know what you are supposed to do when there is a tie.

I don't know what I should do when there is a tie, so we'll go on to the next one.

Today Katrina is our model.
Shirt: American Girl (I know it's Saige's and I think it's her tunic outfit.)
Skirt: American Girl, Grace's Sightseeing skirt.
Shoes: American Girl, Grace's Sightseeing shoes.

So, is it Fabulous? Or is it a Fail?

Comment below with your opinion!

I need your help. I am going somewhere to do a photo-shoot (I'm keeping it secret) and I don't know what doll I should take. I'm going tomorrow, (Saturday) so I need to know your opinion right now. The options are: Samantha, Anastasia, Saige, or Katrina. Right now I'm really leaning towards Anastasia. But I want to know your opinion. 

Please comment below!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Fashion Runaway!

Hello! Bella here. I have a special fun post for you. Enjoy!
Early in the day Anastasia had set up a runway sort of thing.
She got all her sisters together, but she would not tell them exactly what she was planning.
"What are we doing?" Katrina asked.
"It's a surprise," replied Anastasia.
"Where's Saige?" questioned Samantha.
"She's doing the surprise first," said Anastasia.
Anastasia took Saige to an area with all the doll's clothes, except for dresses. Anastasia explained to Saige what she was supposed to do.
"Now, Saige. Here is what we are doing. We are going to have a fashion show, but you aren't going to pick the clothes for the fashion show."
"What?" asked Saige. "I'm not understanding."
"You aren't going to pick the clothes with your eyes open. You are going to close your eyes and randomly pick a shirt, pick a skirt or pants, pick shoes, then you can choose accessories and you can look at those."
"So I pick my clothes and shoes randomly with my eyes closed, then match up with the accessories?"
"Yes," replied Anastasia. "Then you will put the outfit on and walk down the runaway."

The Results!

Saige's outfit is called Cool Blues. Wearing all blue except for a splash of color on the headband, she is staying blue and cool!
Samantha's outfit is called Sightseeing in Paris. With a dark blue skirt and a beret, she will be making a wonderful fashion statement.
Katrina's outfit is called Warm and Winter. With this outfit she makes a bold fashion statement. (Poor Katrina, her's was the only one that really didn't work)
And lastly Anastasia's outfit is called French Painter, (all the dolls made up the names themselves) with all white on top, boots, and a touch of pink/purple, Anastasia is starting a new trend in dressing: all white with only a little touch of color.

Which doll's outfit is your favorite?

(Also, I'm really sorry about the quality of the pictures. When I was taking the pictures they looked fine on the camera, but when I uploaded them they were grainy and I had taken the setup down, so I couldn't take the pictures again. :/)

So, did you like Saige's Cool Blues, Samantha's Sightseeing in Paris, Katrina's Warm and Winter, or Anastasia's French Painter? Comment below on your favorite outfit!

Don't forget to vote on Fabulous or Fail? if you haven't already!

Have you ever had a fashion show? Have you ever modeled in a fashion show or for a magazine?

Friday, October 21, 2016

Fabulous or Fail?

Hello! Bella here. Today I have the most popular post: Fabulous or Fail?
The last one was 
It won 13 to 2. Are you ready for the next one?

This outfit (modeled by the lovely Samantha) consists of
Shirt: American Girl
Skirt: It is actually a dress that I sewed and put the shirt over
Shoes: American Girl

What do you think? Is it Fabulous? Or is it a Fail? Comment below with your opinion! 

Also, do you like it when I tell you what outfit the pieces come from, or just say American Girl? (or whatever other brand)

Thank you to everyone who was taken my survey! (If you haven't taken it yet click *here*) I really appreciate all the feedback. What I'm going to try to do (no promises though) is one week do a photo-shoot and Fabulous or Fail? then the next week do a photo-story, Family Game Night, The Detectives of Iris Valley, or Mabel and Sarah Jane and on Friday Fabulous or Fail? So it will look like this.

Monday: photo-story
Friday: Fabulous or Fail?

Monday: Photo-shoot
Friday: Fabulous of Fail?

Then it will go back and forth. Stay tuned because Monday will be a very special post!

Bonus picture of Samantha! She's so cute! ^-^

Monday, October 17, 2016

Meet Anastasia!

Hi! This is Anastasia! My sisters showed me around the blog and I decided to jump right in and post. I am so thankful for my sisters! They are so sweet and kind to me and I fit right in. Bella had to help me upload the photos and all the technical thingies. So, Bella decided that I should post this photo-shoot of me and introduce myself to all you lovely people. (I feel weird posting pictures of myself though.) Oh well. Here goes: my first post! 
I'm Anastasia as you already know.
I don't like wearing dresses. I am tomboy and can only wear a dress like once a year!
Even though I don't like dresses, I still like pink and purple. I like to try and always wear something pink or purple, but it doesn't always work out. 
Random fact: my birthday is in February!
Apparently I am the oldest one in the family. (14)
I don't really act my age and I hang out with people younger then me.
I don't wear glasses: I just borrowed these from Katrina because, well they are purple, people! (Saige agrees with me on the dresses, but she thought that it was funny that I still liked pink and purple even though I'm almost more of a tomboy then her!)
I correct people's English all the time. I never use the abbreviations like: lol, idk, irl, and others I don't know because I don't use them.
I like school, Starbucks, and cats. (Odd combination I know)
I LOVE nature and being outside. I also like reading, and reading outside. ^_^
Sometime I would like to start painting, sewing, designing patterns, write books, be an author. You should know that I have lots of goals and ambitions to chase. I also really want to learn how to shoot a bow! Bella has a bow and it looks really cool!
Well, that's me! I tried to sum up my whole life in one post. Do you know how hard that is???!!!
Oh! I'm supposed to ask you which picture is your favorite? Yes! Which picture was your favorite?  Your favorite might become my profile picture on Meet the Dolls.
Do we share anything in common? Tell me if we do! That would be so cool if we shared something in common!
I really hoped you enjoyed reading this post about me! I poured my soul into this post. I'm just kidding!
Apparently I'm supposed to put a question here for you guys. I honestly don't know. I talk more then I ask. Probably a bad habit, but I just love talking! I mean I could talk for.... Oops. There I go again. I better sign off so I can stop rambling. 
I FORGOT SOMETHING! (Sorry for yelling I was excited.) I am a Hobbit/Lord of the Rings, Avengers, BBC Sherlock Fangirl!! (The books and movies) (Also, some fandoms are not going to be appropriate for younger readers. So ask me before you watch them because like Sherlock has a episode I can't watch and some other things which aren't the best)  I am an extreme fangirl! (Bella says I would be good friends with Faye from Wack-a-doodle-dolls or something? Give me your email Faye!!)
Whoops! There I go again rambling. Comment below for me please!
Signing off!
P.S Like my signature? Bella made it for me!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Fabulous or Fail?

Hello! Bella here. Today I have the long awaited post: Fabulous or Fail? (I love these so much! I have  so much fun making the outfit!)
The last outfit was 
Fabulous! It won 14 to 0! (I loved that outfit so much!) Are you ready to see the next one?

(Featuring Anastasia)
The outfit consists of
Dress: sewn by me
Cardigan: sewn by me
Shoes: American Girl
So, is the outfit fabulous? Or is it a fail?
Comment below with your opinion! 

Thank you to the people that have taken A Doll's Life survey. If you haven't taken the survey click *here*. Thank you!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Birthday Bash, Fail?? {An AG Photo-Story}

Hello! Katherine here. Today I have a special post for you. 
It was a cool day in October (on Saturday in fact) when Samantha was sitting in her chair enjoying her book. While she was reading it, a thought came into her mind.
She immediately stood up and called Saige's name.
She leaned against the wall in deep thought.
Saige came and curtsied to Samantha saying, "Thy servant is ready to comply to thy needs." (Saige was reading some Medieval books, and she has a habit of taking personalities from time periods that she reads about.)
"What is it Samantha?" Saige asked in modern day language.
"I have an important question to ask you. How long has Katrina been adopted into our family?" Samantha asked.
"Well, why for over a year!" Saige exclaimed.
"Yes! And when have we celebrated her birthday?" questioned Samantha.
Saige scratched her head. "Why, well never!"
"Exactly! She's been here for over a year, and we haven't celebrated her birthday yet!"
"Well,what shall we do?" asked Saige.
"Here's my plan," said Samantha. "First we will...........
"Ugh!" cried Samantha. "Why must it be so windy!"
"What do you expect? It's Kansas; it's always windy!" replied Saige.
"There. Now it is set back up right. Now for the dishes."
Samantha added the dishes to the table.
While Samantha was getting the table ready, Saige was drawing hopscotch on the sidewalk.
Samantha stood in front of the table. She told Saige to go get Katrina.
Saige came out with Katrina.
"No peeking Katrina. Close your eyes and I will lead you."
(Somebody is peeking.)
"Surprise!" yelled Samantha. "Happy late/early birthday Katrina!"
Katrina was so happy that her sisters had thrown her a small party! (She also told them that her birthday was in July, but she didn't want to inconvenience anyone so she didn't tell anyone.)
The girls decided to play hopscotch, and then eat the food.
"Um, does anyone know how to play hopscotch?" Katrina asked. Saige and Samantha both confessed that they didn't know how to play.
A small voice said, "I know."
"It's quite easy in fact. Would you like me to tell you how to play?" the strange girl asked.
They all stared at her, but she didn't seem to mind.
"So you take a small rock, toss it onto the hopscotch area......"
"Then you hop on 1 with one foot, then 2 and 3 with two feet, etc., just making sure to skip the number with the rock."
"You go all the way to ten, turn around, and pick up your rock as you go back."
"I'll try!" boldly declared Samantha.
After some introductions they learned that the girl's name was Anastasia. They all played some hopscotch and were having a fun time. 
But, it was time for the food for Katrina's party, and they weren't sure how to politely send Anastasia away. They told her that they were very glad to have met her and that she should come visit them some time again.
"Um," nervously Anastasia stuttered. "Well, Katherine told me..."
"Katherine told you what?" Saige asked.
"Well," Anastasia looked embarrassed. "Katherine told me that I would find my three sisters out here."
They all stared at each other in shocked silence.
Samantha was the first to come out of the silence. She welcomed Anastasia and grabbed her the closest thing to a chair. She apologized that Anastasia had to sit in the wheel chair because they only had three chairs.
"Are you sure I'm not intruding?" Anastasia asked.
"No, of course not!" Samantha replied. "We are so glad to have you as our new sister!"
Katrina sighed and looked off into the distance. She wasn't happy with having a new sister. Why did Anastasia have to come on her birthday?!
But she put on a smile and pretended to be friendly with Anastasia. They all enjoyed all of their food. (I think that Saige and Katrina might have gotten a sugar rush)
They would have done presents outside, but it was going to rain on them, so they quickly rushed inside.
(Saige had to fix Katrina's hair before the pictures)
The beautiful birthday girl!
The girls gathered around Katrina and gave her the presents. 

Inside the first package was a beautiful necklace.

The second was some cute clothes.

And lastly the last was a gorgeous sparkly dress.
THE EN-------
"Wait!" cried Samantha. "It's not the end yet."
She left and returned with a familiar size rectangle box.

Inside was Rebecca. Katrina was getting all teary eyed. "Thank you guys all so much! I had a wonderful day even though at first I thought is was ruined with Anastasia, but she seems like such a sweet girl and I can't believe I was opposed to her being here. Welcome Anastasia to the family, and thank you to my wonderful sisters! I'm so glad that I was adopted into this family and you guys are such wonderful sisters, and I know I'm rambling but I love all of you guys even Anastasia. You guys are the best sisters I could ever ask for!"
After Katrina's little speech, I told them I wanted a family picture together.
Samantha- "Am I too tall in these shoes?"
Saige-"I look terrible in this lighting. I want to go outside."
Anastasia-"Am I looking at the camera?
Katrina- "The light's too dark on me. This isn't working. Lets go outside. Am I turned too much?"
After all their complaining they did go outside, and I did get a family picture of them which I will post later.
Saige-"Did I mention that my birthday is today?"
Saige! Why didn't you tell us sooner?
Oh well. We'll have to throw a birthday party for her too.
Have you ever had a birthday party that you thought wouldn't turn out but then it really did work? Or did it not work out like you thought? Tell me in the comments!
Also, welcome Anastasia to the doll family!
She will be added to Meet the Dolls page soon. Also, Kaya is now on the Meet the Dolls page so go check that out. :)
How many dolls do you have?
Do you like having birthday parties? If so, what was your favorite memory of a birthday party?

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