Monday, October 24, 2016

Fashion Runaway!

Hello! Bella here. I have a special fun post for you. Enjoy!
Early in the day Anastasia had set up a runway sort of thing.
She got all her sisters together, but she would not tell them exactly what she was planning.
"What are we doing?" Katrina asked.
"It's a surprise," replied Anastasia.
"Where's Saige?" questioned Samantha.
"She's doing the surprise first," said Anastasia.
Anastasia took Saige to an area with all the doll's clothes, except for dresses. Anastasia explained to Saige what she was supposed to do.
"Now, Saige. Here is what we are doing. We are going to have a fashion show, but you aren't going to pick the clothes for the fashion show."
"What?" asked Saige. "I'm not understanding."
"You aren't going to pick the clothes with your eyes open. You are going to close your eyes and randomly pick a shirt, pick a skirt or pants, pick shoes, then you can choose accessories and you can look at those."
"So I pick my clothes and shoes randomly with my eyes closed, then match up with the accessories?"
"Yes," replied Anastasia. "Then you will put the outfit on and walk down the runaway."

The Results!

Saige's outfit is called Cool Blues. Wearing all blue except for a splash of color on the headband, she is staying blue and cool!
Samantha's outfit is called Sightseeing in Paris. With a dark blue skirt and a beret, she will be making a wonderful fashion statement.
Katrina's outfit is called Warm and Winter. With this outfit she makes a bold fashion statement. (Poor Katrina, her's was the only one that really didn't work)
And lastly Anastasia's outfit is called French Painter, (all the dolls made up the names themselves) with all white on top, boots, and a touch of pink/purple, Anastasia is starting a new trend in dressing: all white with only a little touch of color.

Which doll's outfit is your favorite?

(Also, I'm really sorry about the quality of the pictures. When I was taking the pictures they looked fine on the camera, but when I uploaded them they were grainy and I had taken the setup down, so I couldn't take the pictures again. :/)

So, did you like Saige's Cool Blues, Samantha's Sightseeing in Paris, Katrina's Warm and Winter, or Anastasia's French Painter? Comment below on your favorite outfit!

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Have you ever had a fashion show? Have you ever modeled in a fashion show or for a magazine?


  1. Saige's Cool Blues is my favorite! I also really liked Anastasia's French Painter!

  2. These are so pretty! I love the Cool Blues. ;)

  3. The pictures look great! I love the idea! My favourite is Anastasia's :) She's definitely starting a new trend >.<
    Lydia's Dolls @

  4. French Painter! But Cool Blues is nice too.

  5. Fun! :) I like Saige's outfit best. Blue is a fantastic color! ;)
    ~Christian Homeschooler

  6. Those are such cute outfits! I like Anastasia's French Painter outfit the best. It's so pretty! And I've never had a fashion show before, or been in one, though I'm sure it would be super fun.

  7. When I was really little I was in a fashion show! I was so little that all I remember is my friend and I matched! I like Cool Blues!
    ~ Taryn ~

  8. I liked Cool Blues and Sightseeing in Paris the best. :)

  9. I really like Samantha's outfit! :)


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