Monday, October 16, 2017

Twirly Purple Dress

Hi! How are you doing today? This is Bella by the way. :) Awhile ago Tia came to A Doll's Life for a little bit so I took her on a photo-shoot. :) 

I love this one!

I love this photo!

Which picture was your favorite?

Do you have a dress perfect for twirling?

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Monday, October 9, 2017

Angelic Addy

Hello! This is Addy. Bella let me make a post today! ^-^ I wasn't sure what to call it so Bella helped me. She thought I looked so sweet and cute.


I love this picture! <3

I love like allll of the above!
I love this one the best! (Do you think it should be my profile picture?)

I also really like this one!

Which picture was your favorite?

It's starting to feel like fall here! Some of the trees are turning and the weather is slightly cooler.

What about you? Are the trees turning where you live? Is it cooler?

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Monday, October 2, 2017

Missouri in the Fall {Part 4}

Hello everyone! This is Anastasia. I realized that I've never posted the fourth part of Missouri in the Fall. Here is *Part 1* *Part 2* and *Part 3*. (In case you didn't know/forgot, back in November Bella and her parents took me to Missouri. We went to a small town called Hermann (where the first two photo-shoots are taken at.) and Jefferson City (the third part).) This part is my absolute FAVORITE! This pictures were taken at Klondike Park which is a state park in Missouri. 
This first part of the park we had to climb this really steep slope. Then you could overlook the Missouri river which was really cool.
I was adventurous and sat on the fence. 

I love this picture and the one above <3 ^-^

I love these above three pictures 😍😍😍😍😍😍
The lake in Klondike Park was sooo cool! It had the softest, whitest sand ever. It almost looked like snow. I think the reason it was so white was because Klondike Park used to be an old silica sand quarry.
I love this picture.

I love all three of the above pictures!! 😍😍😍

Which picture was your favorite?

Would you like to see pictures of the scenery of the lake, Hermann, and a couple from Jefferson City? We can make a post. Missouri was soo pretty in the fall. If you do let me know by-

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Friday, September 29, 2017

Important Updates! Please read!

Hey everyone! It's Bella here. I have a couple of announcements which I thought I would share with you since they are important.

1. A Doll's Life will temporarily post once a week. I've been super busy lately with school and I don't have time to make a post/help the dolls make a post twice a week. I'm taking a biology class this year which is taking a lot of my time. This will hopefully only be temporary.

2. A Doll's Life has gotten a lot of new followers and I would love to hear from you! I feel like I haven't really been connecting or hearing anything from my new followers. so comment below and introduce yourself!

3. A Doll's Life has been getting less views. Is there any particular type of post that you would like to see? Let me know!  

I think that covers it!

Here's a picture of Addy since you read through that all. <3

Don't forget to comment below, and if there's a particular post you would like to see- 

Let me know!