Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Katrina in pigtails

Sorry for the lack of posts. It's been a week since we've last posted anything. Oops.. One word: School. Here is a small photo-shoot of Katrina.

Bokeh! (You might ask what blokeh is.... See below)
This is basically bokeh. The light shining through trees and making little circles of light. ^-^
Also, I wanted to define some terms that I may use that some of you may not be familiar with. 
First, AG. AG stands for American Girl.
AGP stands for American Girl Place.
AGPS (I had to ask a doll blogger for this one.) AGPS is American Girl Photo-shoot.
There are the terms! 
Sorry for the lack of posts. Hopefully I can get some drafts done, and then I can publish them. Also, I will be busy all day Saturday, so I might not get another post published this week.
Hope to post again soon!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Last Day of Summer- an AGPS

(Sorry if a Fourth of July post randomly popped up; it was an accident.)
Autumn is just around the corner. Tomorrow is the first day of fall! Today I have a photo-shoot for y'all (as Katrina says). I'm sad and happy that summer is going to be gone soon. I will miss freedom from school and the late nights. (It used to be dark at like 9:15, and now it gets dark at 8:00!) What I'm going to enjoy; cooler weather and the fall colors. What about you, do you like autumn?

Let's go fly a kite!

I tried to narrow down the pictures, but it was so hard! Which picture was your favorite?

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Saige's curly hair!

Hey guys! Bella here. Sorry Saige and I haven't posted in awhile; we have been busy with school. Awhile back ago, about when I got Katrina, I curled Saige's hair. Here is the result!

Have you ever tried to curl your dolls hair?

Thursday, September 10, 2015

My trip to the AGP! {Part 1}

Hey guys! This is Bella, and today I am going to show you some pictures I took at the store and some pictures I took of Katrina. (In this part I will be showing you most of the pictures I took of Katrina, and the second part will be the rest of the pictures and what I got. :) ) (Please note- I do not have very many pictures from the store.)
Grace's bakery.
Look at that little cup!
Maryellen's diner.
The dinner is really cute I must say!
Here is Katrina with Maryellen in the diner!
Maryellen is cute.
I love the diner and the jukebox!

Katrina and her purchases!
On Saturday morning, my dad and I biked on a bike trail. (We were on a tandem. If you do not know what I tandem is, ask me. :) ) 
We saw a blue heron on a tree.
We also biked up this HUGE hill to get this view. It was worth it! (If you are wondering how big the hill was, people would do mountain biking there. But there are no mountains!)

(Katrina came and wanted some pictures. This was the first time I actually did something like this with my dolls!)
(This is how Katrina was carried.)

Then Katrina played on the playground!
(From Katrina's point of view.)

Crawling through the tunnel....
I'm done!


Climbing up the wall thingy.
Glad you could join me.

I'm on top of the world!

(From Bella's point of view)
While my dad and I were hiking, I found a red mushroom!
That's it for part one! I will post part two next week. 
Which was your favorite picture?