Monday, June 29, 2015

A Photo-shoot in winter w/ green!

I am having fun in Colarado! Thanks for asking! :) These are the pictures that I said I would post in the What I Made/Found photo-shoot. Enjoy!

Overview of the outfit. I am wearing my flats from my tunic outfit. I am wearing my leggings and top (Not pictured here) from my sweater outfit. My scarf is Bella's headband.
My hair is in a braid.

There is one piece of hair that is left out of the braid and curled.
I also have a white\creamish flower.
I am wearing my plain blue earrings.

One of my favorites!

Ugh, wind!

Ahh! Hair in my face!
More hair!
Got you! Stay!

This one is on my blog button. It is also one my my favorites!

I love this one!
I also like this one!

I like this one!
I just realized that this one in slightly blurry. :(
I got the sun in my hand!
Which one is your favorite?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Evelynn Purple's 18 post contest + IMPORTANT!

Sorry Evelynn that this is late! The challenge was TELEKINESIS! 
Please use the below photo for my entry! 
(Saige is moving the curtain, if you couldn't tell.)
Sorry, I had to get your attention. Saige and I will be gone the 26 of June, to July 2. Don't worry, I will take lots of pictures! :) 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Original- A photo-shoot for thirty followers

Hey guys! To start out, I just want to thank you guys for thirty followers! I mean, thirty people like my blog?! It is an amazing feeling. Sorry I haven't posted in awhile; Bella helps me uploads pictures, and she has been super busy. She was gone for a week, she has pictures, she helped in her church VBS, and she got a kitten! :)
(Insert cuteness!) Anyways, where is a photo-shoot of me! I call it Original, enjoy!
One of my favorites!
I couldn't find my bracelet or necklace. :( But I am wearing a bracelet that Bella beaded!
I did find my purse though! I forgot; I couldn't find my ring either. :(
I like this one....
And love this one!

In order for my hair to look 'original', Bella had to put three bobby pins in my hair, as you can tell.

I really like this one!

The above three are also nice...

I love this one!

And this one! I have a lot of favorites!

And yet another favorite!

I also like the above four! I love those flowers! (Bella has some pictures of those and some different flowers. Would you like to see them?)

That's all for today! I think that was a total of 46? pictures. Comment below which one was your favorite, and thank you for thirty followers!