Sunday, May 31, 2015

10 Followers Contest Challenge 3!

Challenge 3! Hey guys this is Bella! And I have been super busy! (Actually I'm typing this post out 5/28! :) ) 
Challenge three!

How have you grown since you joined the blogging community? How has it made a difference in your life? (I'm writing this in story form!)
Bella flipped through her diary. She found January and read the first entry carefully: Dear Diary, today I started an American Girl Doll blog. Right now it is soo fun!!
Bella: Bella smiled at the entry. She flipped to an unnamed month, maybe April: Dear Diary, I don't know if you know this, but I didn't ask my mom to start a blog. I did it without her permission. I told her now, but I feel so bad and guilty. Why did I do this?
Bella: Bella saddened for a moment. She remembered that. She flipped now to May: Dear Diary, I have 30 followers!
Bella: Bella smiled and thought of all the joys to come with blogging.
(Watermelon, please use the above story for my entry!)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Story of the Lost Shoe

(This is one of my first photo-stories!) 
IMPORTANT!  Please read *THIS* post!

One day Saige decided to draw.
She took out her colored pencils.
She decided to draw a shoe. (Sorry this is blurry. It was taken awhile back.)
Saige asked if the shoe matched Samantha's shoe. Nope, it didn't.
Saige decided to draw her glasses since she didn't like them.

(Here is the picture of the glasses that I drew. Terrible right?)
The story behind the lost shoe.
Somehow I had found a white shoe with a heel on it. I couldn't ever find a match. Then when I went over to my friend's house, Kanani, I saw the other match to the shoe! Somehow Kanani's shoe wound up at my house! Funny isn't it?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Sunshine Dollies 20th Follower Contest! + 10 Followers Contest Challenge 2

I'm entering!
P.S. IMPORTANT! Please read last post! Thank you!

This weeks challenge!
 Challenge 2 is: What do you love about the AG community? Is it the kindness, creativity, or other amazing qualities?
I love AG
Blogger community
Because you are
never too old for dolls. (pronounced dors so it rhymes! :) )
Everyone always loves
No matter what you do!
There is my entering! Again IMPORTANT! Please read last post! Thank you!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

51th post?! + notice about TDoIV+ giveaway+ plus 30 followers?!

Wow! 50 posts?! It seems like a lot of posts! Thank you all for staying with me! Also, thank you so for 30 followers! It means a lot to me! I am thinking about doing something for 30 followers. I don't know what yet! Sadly, TDoIV will not be up this week or next week. :( Sorry! Bella is leaving this Saturday, and she has a lot to get ready for! Plus, she hasn't taken the pictures!  Sorry about that Saige! Hey guys, this is Bella! As Saige said, I am leaving. I am going on a missions trip with my family, so I am super busy! Sadly, Saige can't go with me. But I will be taking a mini doll so you'll see some post when I came back. (If I have time to take pictures.) I might not be able to read posts from your guy's blogs. Sorry! I'm not sure if I'll have Wi-Fi! You can take it again Saige! Thank you Bella! I have a picture for a very special giveaway that I am entering.
Do you know who is giving away this doll?
If you guessed Oh My Dollies, you are right! Click *here* for more information! See you guys later!
 (The two pictures above are not mine. They belong to Oh My Dollies.)

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Everything AG 10 Followers Contest! (Entry 1)

Hey guys! This is Bella! Here is my entry!

The challenge!
What inspires you? What helps you get through tough days, when you're feeling down?
                                                Well let's see. I like looking at other blogs and their beautiful pictures of their dolls. That kind of inspires me. Fun with AG Fan and Dolly Dorm Diaries are what inspired me to make a blog. ^-^ No they didn't! Yes Saige they did. I thought it would be fun for you to start a blog about AG dolls. Okay? Fine! 

This is what helps me get through through tough days. Photography American Girl Dolls. Especially Saige!
(Watermelon please use the picture above for my entry!)

The Detectives of Iris Valley- Episode 6

Sorry this is so late!
Starring Samantha as Iris.
Starring Saige as Miss Grace Fleur (Pronounced 'flower'.) 
And today a special guest is joining us!
Miss Fleur started to explain to Iris who Glassy Girl was. But before she finished talking, she was interrupted by a person clearing their throat. Miss Fleur looked down at the person's feet.

Oh, of course! One of The Mayor's workers.
She slowly kept looking up.

And up!
Finally Miss Fleur looked to the person's face.
The person spoke. "Hello Miss Fleur. I work for The Mayor. I need you to come in and answer a few of my questions."
"Why?" asked Miss Fleur.
"It's routine," the lady answered. "You know, just for a checkup on what you have been doing."
"So, come on. Let's go."
Miss Fleur wouldn't move.
"Come on. Follow me."
She turned around and started walking away.
She looked back to see if Miss Fleur was following.
She sighed.
She started waking towards Miss Fleur.
She grabbed her arm.
"Ow!" cried Miss Fleur.
For a moment Miss Fleur thought that the worker looked sad and sorry. Nope, the fierceness in her eyes had returned.
The worker pushed Miss Fleur towards the building.

                                                                 (Inside the building)

The worker and Miss Fleur entered the building.
The worker pointed to a bed. "This is where you will be staying."
"Here are some clothes for you."
The worker picked up the pile of clothes and handed it to Miss Fleur.
Miss Fleur reluctantly took the pile of clothes.
                                                              (A few minutes later.)

Miss Fleur changed her clothes. She heard the worker come back in the room. She turned her head to look.
Suddenly there was a chair there.
"Aw! Good, you have changed . Let me take your clothes and wash them."
The worker picked up the clothes. "Ahem. Your hat.
Sadly Miss Fleur took off her hat.
"Don't worry. You'll get your things back tomorrow." The worker left the room.
She returned. 
She walked over to Miss Fleur. "Can I get you anything?"
Miss Fleur didn't answer. Instead she just stared at the worker.
She looked over at the chair. There was a blanket.
Still looking at the door she picked up the blanket.

She unfolded it, and tried to go to sleep.
How do you like it?