Tuesday, May 26, 2015

51th post?! + notice about TDoIV+ giveaway+ plus 30 followers?!

Wow! 50 posts?! It seems like a lot of posts! Thank you all for staying with me! Also, thank you so for 30 followers! It means a lot to me! I am thinking about doing something for 30 followers. I don't know what yet! Sadly, TDoIV will not be up this week or next week. :( Sorry! Bella is leaving this Saturday, and she has a lot to get ready for! Plus, she hasn't taken the pictures!  Sorry about that Saige! Hey guys, this is Bella! As Saige said, I am leaving. I am going on a missions trip with my family, so I am super busy! Sadly, Saige can't go with me. But I will be taking a mini doll so you'll see some post when I came back. (If I have time to take pictures.) I might not be able to read posts from your guy's blogs. Sorry! I'm not sure if I'll have Wi-Fi! You can take it again Saige! Thank you Bella! I have a picture for a very special giveaway that I am entering.
Do you know who is giving away this doll?
If you guessed Oh My Dollies, you are right! Click *here* for more information! See you guys later!
 (The two pictures above are not mine. They belong to Oh My Dollies.)


  1. I almost entered that, but I figured that I probably wouldn't win so...

    1. Have you ever checked out my blog? Here's a link:http://writingsfromvinyluniverse44.blogspot.com/

    2. You should enter, even though the chances aren't very good for you. You never know, you might win! :) I didn't enter, because I already have Felicity.



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