Saturday, May 23, 2015

Everything AG 10 Followers Contest! (Entry 1)

Hey guys! This is Bella! Here is my entry!

The challenge!
What inspires you? What helps you get through tough days, when you're feeling down?
                                                Well let's see. I like looking at other blogs and their beautiful pictures of their dolls. That kind of inspires me. Fun with AG Fan and Dolly Dorm Diaries are what inspired me to make a blog. ^-^ No they didn't! Yes Saige they did. I thought it would be fun for you to start a blog about AG dolls. Okay? Fine! 

This is what helps me get through through tough days. Photography American Girl Dolls. Especially Saige!
(Watermelon please use the picture above for my entry!)


  1. Got your entry! :) Challenge 2 will hopefully be up tomorrow. Thanks for entering! :)



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