Thursday, December 31, 2015

Day 31!

Happy New Year! Today is the last day of the Photo Challenge! :( I really enjoyed this challenge even though I didn't do everyday for 31 days in a row. Wow. Guys, December and 2015 is going to be gone. Where did the time go? It seems like it was just yesterday that my dolls started this blog! Saige or I will post about the most views on post, comments, etc on this here. (We will do it next year! ^-^) Day is New Years Eve!
Credit to whoever owns this picture!
This is the last time I will use this joke.
What are you going to do in five years?
Come on, I don't have 2020 vision!
Get it?
See ya next year!

Fun in the Snow! {AGPS Part 4!}

Hey guys! This is Saige. I have some exciting news! First, we now have 47 subscribers! We only need three more! So tell your friends to follow with Google or email. Also, we got snow yesterday! Enjoy the pictures!

I like this one!
And this one to!
Which picture was your favorite? Have you gotten any snow yet?

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Day 30

Today was dancing! This took some thought, so I came up with...
"A star, a star, dancing in the night..." Does anyone know that song? It is called Do You Hear What I Hear? 

Day 29 + a photo-shoot

Today was Snow! Katrina came with me and my dad when we ran a few errands. ( These pictures are taken in the car.)

This is what happens when a doll tries to take a selfie on your phone.
These next photos I'm very proud of! 

I love this picture!

The white stuff is actually ice, not snow!
Which was your favorite picture?

Monday, December 28, 2015

Day 28

Today was Fun!
This is my game Blokus after playing with two of my neighbors. I'm blue!
Have you ever played Blokus?

The Greatest Christmas Present of All- A photo-story

Merry (late) Christmas! Hoped you had a great Christmas. Here is a photo-story of what we did and got. Enjoy!
It was Christmas Eve and Katrina went to sleep by the Christmas tree.
She woke up with Toasty barking in her face.
She sat up. "What's wrong girl? What is it?"
"Oh! It's Christmas!" she yelled.
After smoothing her hair and putting on her glasses, she decided to get her sisters up.
"Let's go Toasty!"
Just then Samantha came in. "Good morning Katrina." she said sleepily.
"It's Christmas!" Katrina practically shouted. 
Just then, Saige came walking into the living room yawning and stretching.
"It's finally Christmas!" she shouted.

After sitting down and dividing out presents, the dolls started to open their presents!

"Oh cool! A bracelet! Thank you Katrina!"
Samantha got a bracelet from Saige.
And Katrina got one from Samantha.
Saige picked up a package with her name on it. She shook, "I wonder what this is!"
"A harmonica! Now I can annoy people all day! Thank you Bella!"
Samantha started to open up hers.
Bella quickly explained. "Remember when we saw the Wienermobile ? Well I saw this little souvenir, and I knew that you would like a memory of us going." 
"Thank you Bella!" replied Samantha.
Katrina quickly ripped hers open.
"Cool!" said Katrina. "Thank you Bella!"
The dolls kept opening presents. Saige got a dark pink sparkly skirt,
and Samantha got a light pink sparkly skirt! 
Katrina started to open the bag. "I wonder what's in here.." Guessing that she to got a skirt, she pulled the present out of the bag.
"Cool! A pair of pajamas!"

Saige opened her present. "Awesome! I got an art set!"
"Wow!" yelled Samantha. "I got on iPod!"
"Is this on right?" Katrina asked as she put her present on her head.
"All the presents are done!" Bella said.
"But wait," Saige replied. "What about those?" she pointed to the corner behind the tree.
There, in the corner, were three boxes all wrapped up!
Katrina got hers.
Along with Samantha and Saige.
Saige excitingly tore off the wrapping paper. "Is it what I think it is?!" she asked excitingly. 
"It's Julie! Groovy man!" all the dolls laughed with Saige.
"I got Samantha!" Samantha said.
Saige had already taken Julie out of the box.

"I got Felicity!" cried Katrina. "She's my look alike!" 
Saige laughed. "Look at our huge mess!" Just then their was a knock on the door. Bella got up. "I'll get it!" she offered.
When Bella got the door, Samantha saw the back of a doll's head.
"Kit!" she cried rushing over to hug her.
Saige and Toasty were both glad to see her.
"Wait," Katrina was confused. "Who's Kit?"
Kit looked surprised. "You must be Katrina. I'm Kit, nice to meet you. I'm your older sister."
"What?" screamed Katrina. "I have THREE older sisters?!"
"Calm down Katrina." ordered Samantha. "You see, Kit was away at college getting her degree."
Kit nodded. "I was able to get away for Christmas though." Katrina was staring at Kit and her wheelchair. "Yes, I am in a wheelchair. I have problems walking, so I use a wheelchair to get around. I can't believe that Samantha and Saige didn't tell you about me."
Saige sheepishly grinned. "Well, we kind of forgot."
Katrina sighed. "Well, I guess welcome to the family again Kit!"
And now some bonus pictures!

I love this picture of Katrina and her hat!
I love this picture to!
Have you ever gotten surprised for Christmas?