Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sister Photo-shoot

Hey guys! This is Saige. After my surprise birthday, all of us dolls took a family photo-shoot!
"Bury me!" cried Katrina.
Samantha and I worked on covering up Katrina.

"Let's bury her good!"I said.
(Can you see Katrina?)
"Phf!" said Katrina as she came up from the leaves.
"Seriously Bella? You had to get that on camera?!"
Family photo-shoot time!
I love this picture! Samantha the oldest is standing above me, and I am above Katrina. Oldest to youngest!
Aren't we so pretty? This was meant to be just Samantha, but I popped my head in. He he! ^-^

I love this picture also!

Then we collapsed because we were tired of posing!
Have you ever gotten tired of people taking pictures of you?
Oh, we decorated for Christmas! I can't wait to share the photo-story that we have!
Have you decorated for Christmas?


  1. We have decorated for Christmas! Also, just a tip I had to zoom in because I couldn't get the full experience of seeing the photos clearly. Great story!

    Allie D.

    1. Awesome! Thanks for telling me, I'll keep that in mind.

  2. These pictures were ADORABLE! Your pictures are so good!:) I haven't decorated for Christmas yet, first I have to take down fall!;P

    1. Thanks! Yep, you always have to take down the season before! :)

  3. What cute photos! Great job Bella! And Saige, Sam, and Katrina must have had a great time!


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