Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Day 6-14

I'm so sorry! I have not done the challenges in more than a week! Here is the picture for all the challenges. 
Day six- favorite vacation. I had trouble with this one, so I just took a picture of an ornament that I got from a historical western town. It wasn't exactly a vacation, but it's all I could think of.
Day seven- Pearl Habor
Day eight- scarf
Day nine- travel
It's a Hallmark ornament horse that comes out each year. You can travel by horse, so that was for day nine. 
Day ten- siblings
Since I don't won't to share any photos of me and my siblings, so I used Samantha, Saige, and Katrina. 
Day eleven- nails (And my B-day!)
My nails! :) (I'm walking my neighbor's dog.)
Day twelve- I'm redoing this one. Instead of the North Pole, I'm doing candy canes instead. 
Day thirteen- pet 
The family cat, Trixie.
Day fourteen- red
Hopefully I can get day fifteen up tomorrow! What day was your favorite? Do you have pet?



  1. I loved all of the photos! Great job, Bella!

  2. My favorite day is siblings! I have my own dog and then we have a family dog. :)

    Have a wonderful day!

    Allie D.

  3. All of the photos are really cute!:D


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