Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Detectives of Iris Valley - Episode 4

Sorry this wasn't up on Wednesday. (I've been trying to post TDOIV on Wednesday.) Here it is!
Starring Samantha as Iris.
Starring Saige as Miss Grace Fleur (Pronounced 'flower'.) 
"Let's go look for the note," suggested Iris.
Miss Fleur and Iris looked for a long time. "Last spot!" declared Iris.
She looked her way and Miss Fleur looked the other. 
She gestured to her way. "Nothing this way! What about you Miss Fleur?"
"Miss Fleur?"
Miss Fleur was asleep.
Iris shook Miss Fleur. "Miss- Grace- Fleur. WAKE UP!!" Iris yelled.
Miss Fleur jumped up and knocked Iris over.
"What? Did you find the note?" Miss Fleur asked.
"No, I didn't," replied Iris.
Iris leaned up against a tree. She was discouraged.
"We will never find it. I'm going have to tell the mayor," stated Miss Fleur.
Iris turned to stare at Miss Fleur, "No! Don't do that!" she pleaded.
(She really does looked scared. I don't know how it got like that.)
"Why not?" asked Miss Fleur 
"Because I need time." said Iris.
Where did the note go? And why does Iris need time?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I'm going on an adventure!

As Bilbo Baggins say, "I'm going on a adventure!" (Right now I am in the dentist's office. I am using my mom's tablet. It's not working for me. This beginning part is the end because I can't figure the tablet. The last two  pictures of bonus pictures. Which was your favorite picture? ~Saige~

Sunday, April 26, 2015

I am having a problem.....

I know, two posts in one day. But I am having a big problem! So I decided to change the Favicon with a picture of the blue and green polka dots. But on on the top, it doesn't show up. My friend Bella has a blog on my account. I went to the overview on her blog (she asked me to) and it said one of the main traffic was (It has the Favicon thing on it) It is my blog! Can someone please help me? The blogs are the same!

New header!

What do you think? Do you like it?

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Blog under construction!

Blog under construction! I really like the polka dots, but it was bugging me that there were multiple pages of dots. (I hope that made sense.) I'm going to change the header and background. It might look weird. Just warning.....

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Detectives of Iris Valley- Episode 3

Here is is! Are you excited?
Starring Samantha as Iris.
Starring Saige as Miss Grace Fleur (Pronounced 'flower'.) 
When 'Glassy Girl' left, Miss Fleur saw that "Glassy Girl' dropped something.
It was a picture of a flower.
Miss Fleur picked it up.
It blew out of her hand and on to the pavement.
Miss Fleur bent down to pick it up, she fell over.
She sighed, because she couldn't read upside down. 
She picked it up again,
And turned it over.
She loved the bright orange color.
She read it aloud. "I will get another pet for you. Don't worry. M G. What is a pet?" Miss Fleur asked.
"Hey Miss Grace!" called Iris.
"Come over here please." As Miss Fleur moved her arm the note blew away from her.
Iris picked it up. "What's this?" she asked. "It is a pretty picture of a sunflower," she added.
It blew to the ground also.
She picked it up. Miss Fleur asked her a question. "How do you know what type of flower it is?" 
Iris laughed. "I used to be a Master Gardener." she answered nicely.
The note blew off again. Iris read it. "What does pet mean?"
Both Iris and Miss Fleur looked at the note.
Then it vanished!
Hope you liked episode 3!