Saturday, April 11, 2015

Happy 13th Birthday Samantha!

Happy birthday Samantha! If y'all want to know what Samantha and I did for her birthday, here is a photostory of what we did.
                                                            Pretty in Pink
It was Samantha's birthday. She was outside setting up.
She put the chairs around the table.
She straightened the table cloth. 
She set the flowers on the table.
She got the plates, cups, and treats on the table. Now it was perfect. Wait! Something was missing.
She got her cake and set it on the table.
It was a beautiful cake. It was blue with red polka dots and a red bow. 
She found the party hats, but sadly they really didn't work.
"Hi y'all!" cried Saige. "Happy 13th birthday!" Samantha was happy to see Saige.
"Hey Saige! Why are you wearing those big sunglasses?" Samantha asked. Saige smiled.
"You told me that the theme was Pretty in Pink. So I wore pink!"
She pushed the sunglasses to the top of her head.
"Happy birthday!" Saige hugged Samantha.
"Here is your present, Nellie chipped in." Saige handed the box to Samantha. "Say where is Nellie?'
Samantha took the box. "Nellie couldn't come, she was busy. Come sit down."
Samantha set the box on the table.
Saige sat down.
She started reaching for a cupcake.
Samantha sat down with Saige.
Saige picked up and ate her cupcake.
When she picked up the cupcake she cried, "My heart's bleeding!" Samantha laughed.
She picked up her doughnut.
"Look at my ring!" She raised her arm higher.
*Plop!* Saige's doughnut fell to the ground.
While Saige was eating her cupcake, Samantha was to.
She started to show Saige the correct way to hold a doughnut.
Then it fell to the ground. Saige couldn't help but laugh.
Samantha put the cookie on her chest. "My heart's a pumping for you!"
Saige raised her glass. "Happy 13th birthday Samantha!"
Samantha raised her glass. "Happy birthday to me!"
Samantha cleared the table and put the cake on a platter.
She cut the cake.
Saige picked up her piece of cake. "What flavor is this?"
"Neapolitan. Vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry!"
"Yum!" declared Saige. "It is very yummy!" After they ate their cake, Saige said, "Presents time!"
"You mean present." corrected Samantha.
"Just open it."
Samantha opened the box.
She pulled the bracelet out.
She put it on her wrist. She tried to act happy. "Thank you Saige. It is very nice." Saige chuckled.
"Follow me. I said presents, didn't I?" Saige questioned.
Samantha was confused.
"TADA! I said Nellie pitched in. For your new skateboard!"
"Do you like it?" asked Saige.
"Do I like it? I love it!" Samantha rushed over and put her helmet on. "Let's go skateboarding to the park!"
Saige needed to be sensible. "First you need to learn how to ride a skateboard. Second put the helmet on right."
Samantha's helmet was way to far back.
Samantha fixed her helmet.
"Let's go skateboarding!" Samantha cried. Saige put her hand on Samantha's shoulder. 
"Tomorrow I will teach you how to ride." 
Samantha looked at the skateboard and her shoes. "Do my shoes match with the skateboard?" she wondered.
Saige sighed. "Don't worry about it Samantha."
Samantha climbed onto the skateboard.
Saige reached up. "Samantha get down. Tomorrow I will teach you."
What was your favorite part of Samantha's 13th birthday party?
~Saige~ and <3Samantha<3


  1. HAPPY B-DAY SAMANTHA! :D The party looks like so much fun! I love your outfit, Samantha, and I also loved the surprise skateboard Saige got for you!

    - Ellie

    1. I'll tell Samantha that you told her happy birthday! :) The party was fun. Samantha's outfit is her favorite to. It's also in The Detectives of Iris Valley. She was so surprised when she saw the skateboard!

  2. Happy 13th b-day Samantha, the loom band looked adorable on you.

  3. Happy Birthday Samantha! Her birthday party looks like a lot of fun.

    1. Thank you! It was a lot of fun!

  4. Fun photostory! The second picture is so pretty!:)

    1. Thanks! It is one of my favorites to!

  5. no problem!

  6. Those pics are beautiful! Where did you get the cake?

    1. Thanks! My friend Bella took them! The cake came in a OG birthday set.

  7. Holy Meatballs!!!
    Happy (very belated) birthday, Samantha!


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