Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Detectives of Iris Valley- Episode 1

Hey everyone! This is the photostory I said in my thank you post. I hope you will enjoy it. If I get enough positive feedback, I will try to continue The Detectives of Iris Valley. Here it is.

Starring Samantha as Iris.
Starring Saige as Miss Grace Fleur (Pronounced 'flower'.)

Iris was sleeping peacefully under a pear tree. 
Her bangs were a mess.
While she was sleeping, a stranger crept around the corner.
Closer... Until
"Hello!" Iris jumped up.
She spun around and fixed her bangs. "Who are you?" she asked. No answer.
"Who are you, and what do you want?" she demanded.
The stranger answered, " I'm surprised you don't remember me."
She continued speaking. " Sit down, I don't want to inconvenience you." Iris sat down. "I am Miss Grace Fleur. Fleur is French for flower, and it's pronounced 'flower.'" Iris humphed. 
"Anyway," continued Miss Fleur. "We have a problem."
"Problem, what problem?" asked Iris.
"You are the gardener of Iris Valley, correct?" 
Iris nodded. "Correct."
"You know that the Mayor of the valley only likes irises?" questioned Miss Fleur.
Iris replied. "Yes, of course. I see to it that there are only irises." 
"All right. You will have to help me."
Iris was confused. "How?"
"There is a flower which is not an iris!"
"What?!" Iris was surprised.
"Show me," she demanded. 
"First lets see the irises," replied Miss Fleur.
"Right this way," Iris showed Miss Fleur.
"Here are some irises."
"And more."
Miss Fleur followed. "Let me show the invasive flower."
Hope you enjoyed The Detectives of Iris Valley. Please let my know what you think, and whether or not I continue the series.


  1. I love it! So funny, and Saige's outfit is to die for. :) Definitely continue it!
    It does remind me a lot of the opening of the Hobbit, though.

    - Ellie

    1. Thank you! My outfit is Samantha's painting frock, my meet outfit boots, and Samantha's hat that came with her swimsuit. You are right, it kind of does.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Have you seen episode 2?


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