Wednesday, December 23, 2015

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree - A Photo-story

Hey! Saige here. Here is a photo-story of us setting up the tree!
"Saige!" yelled Katrina. "Come here!"
"What do you want Katrina?" I asked.
"I found our Christmas tree!"Katrina shouted at me.
"Okay, okay. Don't shout!" I scolded Katrina. "It's so cute!"
"I know, right?" replied Katrina.
"Samantha!" I yelled.
"What's wrong?" Samantha asked in her British accent. "I was trying to put together an outfit."
"We got our tree!" I told her.
"How cute!" Samantha said. Then she began giving orders. "Katrina, go get the lights. Saige, go find the hooks. And I will get the ornaments."
Katrina sat down and tested to the lights. Did they work?

Samantha came back with all the ornaments.
"Whew!" I dropped the hooks. "I got the hooks!"
Katrina started to hang the lights.
"Tada!" she exclaimed. "How's that?"
Then we proceeded to decorate! I got all the most non-breakable things.
Samantha got the most breakable.
And Katrina got in between Samantha and I.
Here we are in front of our little tree!
Merry Christmas from all the dolls!
(Proceed below for a true, funny story!)
It was the day before Christmas Eve. Katrina and I wanted to go sledding. Only one problem, there was no snow. So when Samantha left to go work on her outfit, which was a bad idea, Katrina and I were alone together.
So we decided that we would sled down the step with the sled.
"1, 2, 3 Go!" I shouted.
"Oof!" we both cried as we slid down the step.
"Let's do that again!" Katrina exclaimed. "But this time I'll stand up!"
See? Samantha should have never left us alone!
Do you have your Christmas tree up?
P.S. Christmas is two days away!! Christmas Eve is tomorrow!


  1. So cute! Sledding down the stairs looks like tons of fun. Oooh, and I love how you decorated your tree!

    - Ellie

  2. I really like this post! especally the picture where Katrina is glowing with the xmas lights she is testing. Tonight Samantha is going to choose a tree.

  3. if you want to vist my blog it is and if you like it be free / please follow. Thanks.

  4. Cute! I love their tree!


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