Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Detectives of Iris Valley- Episode 5

(This episode is short, and doesn't have any pictures. This was originally going to be with with the next episode, but since I didn't get it up sooner I made this Episode 5. Sorry for being so short!
Starring Samantha as Iris.
Starring Saige as Miss Grace Fleur (Pronounced 'flower'.) 
Iris started to explain. "Before The Mayor was mayor. There was a mayor called Mayor Kind. His real name was Mr. Green. He was the kindest and nicest mayor ever. I was his gardener because I was a Master Gardener. There were two people who wanted to be Mayor Kind's gardener."
"You and who else?" Miss Fleur interrupted.
"Don't interrupt," demanded Iris. "It was me and another fellow. I don't' remember his name. He was also a Master Gardener. When I was chosen instead of him, he was mad. And when I saw mad, I mean mad. My duties as Mayor Kind's gardener, was to identity new plants and flowers. I also went around the world to find new flowers for Mayor Kind. He loved all kinds of flowers." Iris was sad for a moment. "I don't know if you know this, but Mayor Kind had a brother. But he doesn't come up yet. Once when I had gotten back from a trip, I got a new kind of flower for Mayor Kind, a poor girl had found a new kind of flower. An Iris. Mayor Kind's brother loved this type of flower. He convinced his brother to change the name of Green Valley to Iris Valley. A week after the name was changed I got a call from an anonymous caller. That caller said they found a planthara praeclara plant. That weird name means Prairie Orchid. I talked to Mayor Kind, and he said to go! I went and picked up the flower." Iris paused for a moment. "When I got back, Mayor Kind's brother said that Mayor Kind had died when I was gone! Now that Mayor Kind was gone, his brother was mayor. He then appointed me to be his head gardener and destroy all the other flowers besides the Iris. Miss Fleur, do not tell anyone this part, I didn't actually destroy all the flowers that Mayor Kind had collected. They are in a greenhouse outside the Valley's limit. Oh, and do not tell anyone this either, I don't think Mayor Kind is dead, I just think his is gone. Or that his brother killed him," Iris said the last part quietly. 
Miss Fleur was shocked. "You think that Mayor Kind's brother killed him?" Iris nodded her head. "So you need time to find out what really happened to Mayor Kind?"
Iris nodded again. "Yes, I need time. Can you give it to me?"
Miss Fleur thought for a moment. "Yes, I can. It will be hard though because I am The Mayor's detective. I have to tell him about 'Glassy Girl'.
Iris was confused. "Glassy Girl? Who's she?"
Hope you enjoyed episode five!


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