Saturday, September 5, 2015

Eight months?! & Saige and Samantha play UNO!

(This was supposed to be posted on the second.)
Wow. I can't not believe that all the dolls here at A Doll's Life have been blogging for eight months. Let me rephrase that. I can't believe that Samantha and I have been blogging for eight months! All of us dolls, and Bella, would like to say something.
I am in blue.
Samantha is in purple.
Katrina will be blogging in orange.
And Bella in pink.
I can't believe it has been eight months!
I don't really know, because I have not been in this family very long.
You are right Katrina. It had been eight months, and we have gotten 33 followers! It just seems like it was just yesterday!
Yes, moving on.
Wait what?
What about Bella? She hasn't said anything.
Right. Bella?
Hey guys, Bella here. Today all of the dolls and I would like to tell you something. Actually, it is a couple of things, first...
First is me, Samantha. You guys out there don't know this, but I have a British accent.
Yes, we know Samantha.
But they don't.
Wait? You have a British accent? Cool!
Let me tell this!
(This is what happens when my dolls and I blog.)
I get to! First I went to the store with Bella. 
But I wanted to go.
Sorry Saige, but Katrina got to go.
Secondly, Bella will show you what she got at the store. (Look for a post later!)
Hey! I was going to say that!
I said it first!
While Katrina and Saige are fighting..
I must say, it sounds like Katrina and Bella had fun. I can't wait to see the post. There is one more thing. Bella?
Thank you Samantha. I would like to say that the dolls, and of course me, are Christians. I haven't really said anything about it, but I wanted people to know. I'm sorry if this offends you, but it's the truth. I just wanted to get it out there. 
Changing the subject, here is a photo-story for eight months. Hope you enjoy! (This is a simplified version. Not the full version.)
One today Samantha and Saige were bored. (This was before Katrina came.)
"I have an idea!" cried Saige. "Let's play UNO!"

After the cards were dealt out, it was decided that Samantha would go first.

She decided that she would play a skip.

Samantha sighed; she had to pick up a card.

After Samantha played the five, Saige played a skip

After the girls played for awhile they only had two cards each.

Samantha and Saige both picked up a few cards.
"Aha! I have a red!" declared Samantha.

"I have a draw two!" 
"Seriously Saige?"
Samantha changed the color to green.
Saige put down a green.
"UNO!!" shouted Samantha. (She gets very serious about UNO.)
"You!" cried Saige. "You foul beast! You shall pay!" (Saige was being a bit over dramatic!)

Saige put down a blue!
(If you think Saige is going to win, scroll down to the bottom. :) )
"UNO!" yelled Samantha. 
"No!" sobbed Saige. "You just ruined my life!" (Saige is always dramatic! Maybe a tiny bit too much.)
"Alas. I must pick up two cards."
"Take that!"

"And that! UNO!" yelled Saige at the top of her lungs. (Which is quite loud!)
"I won!"
"You can never beat me in UNO!"
Bonus picture
"There's a cat in my face!" :)
Hope you enjoyed the photo-story!


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