Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fun fun fun!

On Sunday Samantha and I had so much fun! She came over to my house, and then we went over to our friends house. Elizabeth, Josephine,  Kanani, Julie, Kaya, and Emily. It helped me to be not as sad. Then yesterday, after I took my walk, our room was a mess! (Samantha, really, that is an ugly outfit! Again!?) Tomorrow I'll have to give you a tour of our house. Thanks for reading!

Look! My folders are messed up!

And the dresser.

Clothes on the floor.

But, it was probably Toasty.


  1. Cute! Haha! I guess Sam dosen't have a very good sense of style! XD

  2. I nominated you for the "You are Amazing and so is your Blog" award! :)


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