Saturday, January 10, 2015

Surprise 3

Here we go, surprise number three, breakfast in bed! (Samantha came over and spent the night! :) )
 I was being lazy, and staying in bed.
Then Samantha wanted towalk Toasty. (I had to remind Sam to take her phone, put her phone in her purse, that's an ugly outfit and so on.)

Then I got ready to pack. First I got dressed.

Got out my suitcase. 

Found my clothes.
Then I got a call from my aunt. She is sick, and I can't go to Paris to stay with her! I am devastated!!!!! :'(


  1. Aww! Poor Saige! ;)
    This is really cute! It made me laugh when Saige said she had to remind Sam that that was an ugly outfit! Lol! XD

    1. Samantha has a terribly sense of style.

  2. Oh no! Sick aunts are never a good thing. I hope saige Has fun in Paris!


  3. Well, I can't go to Paris. I would have been staying with my aunt, but she got sick, and I can't go!! :(

  4. Replies
    1. I know. I'm sad for her to!


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