Saturday, October 10, 2015


Hey guys! Samantha here. Katrina and I have a big problem. October 8th was Saige's birthday! What should we do? We both need your help. I can't believe that I forgot her birthday when she remembered my 13th birthday. Do you have any ideas? We need your help!
P.S. Saige is turning 12.


  1. Maybe throw her a party!:) Or take her out to do an activity she likes!

  2. Go rock climbing!
    Bake a cake and decorate it with her favorite things!
    I don't know, man

    1. Rock climbing would be fun, except there aren't anything like that for dolls.

  3. Find a theme, whether it be basketball, purple, or strawberries, and base it off her interests.
    Then buy (or make) decorations, treats, and create games. Tell the other dolls to dress for the theme...(wear a jersey, purple-out, or a giant strawberry costume) :)

  4. We made Saige a paper plaque with all different kinds of adjectives of her on it. She loved it, and it's hanging in her art space. You could try that!
    Hope that helps!
    ~The OurAGDollhouse girls

  5. A surprise party would be fun! Everyone loves those. Maybe it could have a western or horse theme. Everyone could wear bandanas or cowgirl hats. Hope this helps and happy birthday Saige!


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