Monday, March 21, 2016

Who is This?! {Part 1}

Hello! Samantha here. I know this wasn't planned, but I have a photo-story for you guys! (I'll put a poll on the side for what post you want next week.) Enjoy! Eek! I'm so excited!
Saige and Samantha were taking to each other when Katrina came up to them. Samantha kept saying "Yes! It's true!"
While Saige was like "No! I don't believe it!"
"Ahem." Katrina said. Samantha and Saige both stopped talking and looked at Katrina.
"Yes Katrina?" Samantha asked.
"Um," replied Katrina. "What are you guys talking about?"
Samantha jumped up and down excitingly. "Well, we have a new sister!!"
"What?!" Katrina couldn't believe her ears. She thought that she was going to be the newest doll forever. "Where?" she asked. 
"This way!" declared Samantha.
The three dolls walked down to the bedroom where the new sister was.
When they got there; there was a box. "Let's open it!" yelled Katrina.
"Please Samantha?" Saige asked. "Can we please open it?"
Samantha shook her head. "Only if Bella says we can."
The girls stared at the box. Who could it be?!
Yes, we got a new sister! But Bella won't let us meet her yet.
Comment below who you think our new sister is. Shout-out to all those who already guessed on Seven Bloggers and Their Dolls. 
We will publish the second part on Friday. If someone gets it right (I'm not saying if anyone got it right yet.) They will get a shout-out. So comment below who you think it is!
Thanks for reading!


  1. Felicity or Nellie. Congratulations on getting a new doll!! ;)

  2. I'm guessing Felicity!


  3. Ooh! I don't know...Kirsten? Felicity? Molly?:)

    1. Nope! :) But you had some good guesses! :)

  4. Who is it?! Who is it?! I know it's a historical doll, unless you switched the boxes. Did you?
    I'll just guess 4 names:
    1. Kirsten
    2. Molly
    3. Felicity
    4. Addy
    - Catlover02 =^-^=

    1. I'm not saying yet. Yes, it is a historical doll. That's all I know.


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