Monday, May 15, 2017

Missouri in the Fall {Part 3}

Hello, it's me, Anastasia, again! Bella and I realized that we never posted the rest of the pictures from Missouri in the Fall! This is part 3 (Part 4 (which is coming up) is my favorite!) (See *Part 1* and *Part 2*)
 These pictures, these were taken in Jefferson City Missouri! (The other ones were taken in Hermann)

Doesn't my outfit match perfectly with the flowers?

I really like this one! 

The colors are a little different on this one but I like it!

Which picture(s) were your favorite?

If you didn't know, Jefferson City is the capital of Missouri! Bella took some pictures which she will probably post here.

Have you ever been to Missouri? How many state capitals have you been to?

Comment below!  

P.S. Don't forget to vote on Who Wore it Best? and Fabulous? or Fail?


  1. I really like these pictures! 2,6 and 8 are my favorite. Anastacia's scarf matches the flowers perfectly!

    I have been to 12 state capitols, but never the US capitol.

    1. Thank you so much! It does does it not? ^-^
      Nice! You've been to a lot!

  2. The flowers really do match her outfit! :)

    I've only been to one state capitol as far as I can remember, unless Washington DC counts. 😹

    1. I know right?! ^-^
      I think DC counts :)


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