Monday, August 3, 2015

A New Sister?!

Hey guys! I have a special surprise and a photo-story for you today. Hope you enjoy!
It was a rainy day, and I, Saige was complaining. "I hate rainy days! Nothing good comes from rainy days. I'm bored."
Samantha tried to cheer me up. "The best things happen on rainy days! Let's play with our dolls!"
I sighed and pointed to her dolls.
"Those dolls?" I said.
"My dolls informed me that they don't play with old dolls. Plus, we play with them so often!"
Samantha got up. "Fine," she said. "I'll just go read a book!" She wasn't that happy with me.
Just as she got her book there was a knock on the door.
Samantha went to get it. "I'll get it!" she cried. "It could be Nellie or Bella! Bella hasn't been spending much time with us lately."
I sighed again. "Bella never knocks, and Nellie is gone on vacation!"
Samantha opened the door a little bit.
A girl waved to Samantha.
I couldn't hear all the conversation, but I heard some like: "My name is K----a, and I'm new here." And I also heard this: "My -----s gotten tightened! It was a frightening experience!" 
Samantha let the new girl in.
Then she gave her a hug that was so big that it knocked her glasses off!
Samantha decided that it would be best for the new girl to change, that way she wouldn't get her cheer-leading outfit dirty.
"Here you go!" said Samantha kindly. "Here are some clothes for you."
"Do you need glasses to see?" Samantha asked. 
The girl shook her head. "No, I don't. I was just wearing them for fun!" Samantha took her glasses off.
The girl came back after she was done changing.
She stood at the end of the bed 
while Samantha poked me.
Samantha sat on the bed. "Saige, meet Katrina Noelle. Katrina or Kat for short."
I sat up quickly. Could it be? A new sister?
I turned my head and screamed. It WAS a new sister!
I shook her hand, I'm not one for hugging.
I sat on the bed and got to know Kat better.
"I think I'm going to like it here!" declared Katrina.
That's right, Samantha and I got a new sister! Katrina likes: books, cheer-leading, photography, sewing, drawing, cats, medieval dresses, and splashing in rain puddles. What Katrina does NOT like: Olives, pesto sauce, tuna, and talking about her past. I'll tell you when she is added to Meet the Dolls page!


  1. Is she a custom Molly with green eyes?

    1. No, she is just #19. She had a spot on her cheek, and I colored it with washable Crayola markers.

  2. She is so cute! Kit's dress looks great on her.

  3. Is she used, or brand new? :)


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