Monday, August 17, 2015

What I've been sewing #1

Hey guys, it's Bella. Today I am going to show you what I sewed for Saige. (This was the second thing I've sewed with my sewing machine.) Take it away Saige!
Hey! It's Saige with me modeling a dress that Bella sewed.
Overview of the dress! Bella found the pattern online for free.
The top is a green leaf pattern.
The sleeves are slightly rounded, and the cuff matches the skirt.
The skirt is a fun zigzag line pattern.
The bottom hem is pretty straight.
I never actually finished the back. I need to sew a button on. Any advice on how to do a button hole?

What is your favorite thing that you sewed?


  1. Hey Bella! Love that dress! Were you going to do MOTB this week?

    Allie D.

  2. Cute dress! It looks great on Saige! I would probably just fold the fabric on the back and cut a little hole, then put the button in it. But I'm definitely no sewer! LOL! Maybe look it up on the internet!:D

  3. Wow, such a cute outfit! I love Saige's hair.

  4. I love the fabric you used! The dress turned out great.

  5. You entered in my writing contest, and the results are up! Go see if you won anything!

  6. super cute, you did such a good job!


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