Monday, April 24, 2017

Pop of Pink

Hi! Can anyone guess who this is? I've only been posting for a little bit now.... if you guessed Sydney (me!) you are right! I finally convinced Bella to let me post again. (She didn't want me as the new doll to get all the attention) 
I hope you enjoy these photos of me in the really pretty dress!
I love this picture! :)

I really like this one and the above three! 
I love this picture! :)

Like all of these pictures are my favorite!

Which picture(s) were your favorite?

Don't you love how my dress is a pop of bright color? This dress is my favorite! Plus it has a headband to match with it and I love wearing headbands. :) 

Do you have a favorite item of clothing that makes you happy?

Comment below!


  1. First off, I'm so sorry; I totally meant to comment earlier!! Second, I love this outfit on Sydney!! She looks gorgeous!! This is one of my favorite photoshoots you have done. :3

    1. No no it's okay! Aw thank you so much! I'll tell Bella that :)


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