Friday, April 28, 2017

Happy (belated) Birthday Samantha!

It was a couple days ago when Katrina and Saige realized that Samantha's birthday had come and gone. (Her birthday was on April 11th). When they realized this, they decided to ask Samantha if she wanted a party. She said no. But really, inside, she wanted one and was sad that they had forgotten about her birthday. But she was too nice and polite to tell them that. Katrina and Saige were discussing it and they decided that they would at least do something small for Samantha. So they decided to have a small party for her. They knew that she liked old, vintage-y things, lace, classic books, and things like that. Unfortunately, they didn't have much of that style. But they did have some.
With the help of me (Bella) Katrina, Saige, Anastasia, and Sydney set up a little nightstand with a pitcher and basin, and a book. (They later added some goodies to eat too) 

They had me tell Samantha to come outside while they stood waiting for her.
She came over. "What is it guys?"
When they told her it was a party for her she was so surprised and touched. 
She immediately went to hug all of her sisters.

After thanking and hugging all her sisters, it was time for her to open her presents, 
Her first present was a green infinity scarf that Bella sewed.
Her second (and last) present was an antique china doll from a World Fair. 
Then they gathered around the table/nightstand and ate the goodies. 

Samantha declared this birthday party "Best day ever!"

-Some bonus pictures-
Saige and Sydney 

Overall Samantha had a very good birthday. She also enjoyed her presents.

What was one present that you got for your birthday which you absolutely loved?

Have you ever had your birthday forgotten? (I really hope not!)

Comment below one thing you got for your birthday that you loved! 

P.S Click *here* and *here* to see Samantha's other birthday parties.
P.P.S One of the dolls was barefoot - can you guess which one? (Hint there's a picture below!)

Do you know which one is was?
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  1. Happy late birthday Samantha!! I've been looking forward to seeing these pictures ever since I watched you take them!! :P They turned out amazing!! <3

    1. Thank you so much! They did turn out amazing did they not?!! ;) :)

  2. Happy birthday Samantha! My favorite birthday gift I've gotton would probably be Kaya, my first AG doll.

    1. Thanks Anna! That's an awesome present! :)

  3. Anastasia was bare foot! Right? Beautiful pictures! And Happy "Best day ever" to Sam.
    ~ Taryn

    1. Yes you are correct! Thank you!

  4. Happy belated birthday, Samantha! :D

    I'd have to say one of my favorite birthday presents was Kanani. :)


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