Monday, February 8, 2016

Meet Tia!

"Hello? Anyone there?" a small girl around the age of ten peeked around the corner.
Katrina came over. "Hi! I'm Katrina."
The girl smiled, "Hi, I'm Tia."
Katrina was confused. "Tia? You look like Addy."
Tia laughed. "You know Addy? She's my friend; I also get clothes from her. Do any other dolls live here? I'm just curious."
Katrina led Tia into the living room. "Yes. Samantha and Saige both live here. Are you a new sister?"
Tia smiled again. "No, I'm not. I have quite a long story, but I'll shorten it. I live at the library, and people take me home for a week, and then return me. Katherine was so kind to me; I'm very happy that she checked me out."
Katrina was a little bit sad. "Oh, I was hoping you were a new sister." She perked up. "Samantha! Saige! Come here!" she called. 
Samantha came instantly. "Hi! I'm Samantha. What is your name? Are you a new sister?"
Tia replied, "I'm Tia. Nice to meet you Samantha. No, I'm not a new sister; I'm just staying here for a week."
Saige came out. "What's up Katrina? Wow. There's a doll here. Are you a new sister?" she asked.
Tia smiled. "This is the third time I have to say it. No, I'm not a new sister. I'm just staying here for a week. I'm Tia by the way. You must be Saige."
Both Katrina and Samantha put their arms around Tia. 
"Welcome to the family Tia!"
"Well, for a week anyway!"
Hey girls! This is Katherine. No, I didn't get a new doll. She belongs to the library, but I did check her out! She is so pretty! I'll post a photo-shoot of her probably on Friday. 
Have you ever checked out a doll from the library?


  1. Wow, that's so cool that you checked out a doll from the library! I've heard of that, but none of my libraries do it. :) Tia is so cute!

  2. Wow, awesome Bella! I've heard about that too, but none of our local libraries do that. Tia is so pretty! :)

  3. I've never heard of checking out a doll from a library! That's really cool!

  4. So cool! I've heard of checking out a doll from the library before. I sadly never got to do it, but it's super exciting you can!

    - Ellie

    1. I'm glad that my library is doing it!

  5. That is so cool! It's too bad she can't stay with you permanently because she is so cute!:) I can't wait for the photoshoot.:)

  6. She's so cute! It's so cool that your library does that! I've heard of libraries doing that, but I've never been to one that did that! :)

  7. Tia looks really cute in Addy's meet dress.
    We found your cute blog at shout your doll site on Ameican Girl Fan. :0)

    1. Thanks! That's cool! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. is my new blog, please check it out and follow- thanks! ��And it's so cool that you checked a doll out from the library!


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