Monday, July 18, 2016

Candy Stripes {An AGPS}

Hello everyone! Samantha here. Today I have a photo-shoot of me! Enjoy!

This is my favorite picture!

I love my outfit that I put together!
Which was your favorite picture?
Do you like putting together and creating outfits? Or do you just throw something together and call it good?
P.S. Bella came home on Saturday! I'm so glad she's back!
P.P.S This is our 200th post!


  1. Wow, these pictures are beautiful! I love the outfit!:)

  2. Love the photos. The eighth one is my favorite.

  3. Welcome Home Bella & HAPPY 200th post!! What an accomplishment!! The Candy Stripes title is perfect and what a cute outfit!! :*)

  4. The outfit is very pretty. You did a good job with the pictures. Number 8 is the best.

  5. this is a very nice post. Samantha's outfit is so cute. My favorite photo is 8.

  6. You look pretty, Samantha! :) My favorite was the 9th one.
    I love mixing doll clothes into something new too. :D
    Congratulations on 200 posts!

  7. I like the second and third and the last ones a lot! Nice outfit!

  8. I love that outfit too! My fav is the 8th one! And yes.. I just throw on a outfit and call it goods >.< Its bad but my fashion sense isn't the best 😁
    Lydia's Dolls

  9. Congrats on your 200th post! Samantha's outfit is so cute!!!


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