Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Photographer Saige {An AGPS}

Hey everyone! Saige here. Today I have a post in which I will be the photographer like Bella. I grabbed a mini doll and I was ready to do a photo-shoot!
Got my camera! It almost like the one Bella uses!

Don't forgot the doll; that's what you are taking pictures of!

(I really like this picture!)

Ugh! My doll fell down on me! The struggles!
Got to get down and take the pictures at their height.
Setting up the doll.
She fell down again! I give up!
Goodbye! I'm done taking pictures. I'll leave that for Bella.
Which was your favorite picture?
Can you relate to the struggles that I had? What are some struggles that you have when you take pictures of your dolls?
I miss Bella so much! I can't wait until she returns home from camp!


  1. These pictures were adorable!! I LOVE Saige's overalls!:) My dolls fall down all of the time, but what I hate most is when I have this great picture about to be taken and then my doll falls before I can take it!XD Cute post!:)

  2. I love this photoshoot! Saige's overalls are bae <3

  3. I can defiantly relate to the doll always falling over, I love her outfit!

  4. I love the photo shoot. Number 9 of Kirsten is my favorite photo.

  5. Cute photos. My favorite photo is the 9th of Kirsten.

  6. These photos are so cute! My dolls are always falling over too. :)

  7. Cute photo shoot. Yep, dolls do not always cooperate when taking their photos lol.

  8. Cute pictures! The struggles I usually have are my dolls falling down or my cat knocking them down/photobombing. XD

  9. Cute! I absolutely LOVE Saige's outfit!

  10. So cute!
    Where did you get Saige's overalls? They are adorable!!!


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