Friday, September 9, 2016

Fabulous or Fail?

Hello everyone! This is Bella. I have decided to start a new kind of post on here. I'm calling it Fabulous or Fail? So, I will put together an outfit with different sets of clothing, and then ask your opinion about the outfit. Here is the first outfit for Fabulous or Fail!
It has Grace's sightseeing top, a skirt I sewed, and leggings from Saige's sweater outfit.
What do you think? Is it Fabulous? Or is it a fail? 
Comment below with your opinion. 
Fabulous or Fail?


  1. Mmm, I'm gonna say fail. I don't think the skirt goes. Maybe if it was a different color.;)

  2. !!!!Fantastically Fabulous!!!!

  3. Fail! I agree with Emma. Love these kinds of posts!

  4. I think it's a really cute outfit--fabulous! ;)

    I wouldn't have thought of those pieces going together, but I think they actually ended up looking great on Nellie.

    This is such a good idea for a post. Would it be OK with you if I used this idea on my blog, giving credit to you?
    ♥ Shelby-Grace ♥

  5. Fabulous! Can't to see more of these!

  6. Fail... sorry! I just don't think the skirt matches. Love the post idea though!


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