Monday, September 5, 2016

Green Eyed Beauty {An AGPS}

Hi y'all! Katrina here. Today I have a photo-shoot of me. Enjoy!

 I really like the above two pictures!

I like the above two too!
Which picture was your favorite?
Do you have Labor Day off today?
Oh! So Bella wanted me to tell you that she bought a guitar! I don't why she told me to tell you. Anyways... Do you play any instruments? If so, what instrument. Is there an instrument you want to play that you don't play?


  1. These are so pretty! I love fence photos. :)

  2. I like the 7th and 9th pictures best, but the others are pretty too. :D And yes, I did get Labor Day off! It was great! And I play the piano and harmonica. :)

  3. Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I love her eyes and how you focused on different sections of the fence with her in the photo.
    I don't play an instrument yet, but I'm hoping to get started on learning piano/keyboard soon. :D

    1. Thank you so much! Awesome! Tell me how it goes!

  4. I am just in love with your dress Samantha! So awesome! I really want to continue to play piano but I played viola for a year and a bit but had to stop so I would love to take that up again or learn to properly sing coz the vocal chords are an instrument haha!
    Lydia's Dolls

  5. oh my word I just realized I called you Samantha thats embarrassing I was thinking about Samantha! Sorry KATRINA!!!


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