Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My Thoughts on the New Release {Part 2}

Hello everyone! Bella here. Today I have my thoughts on the rest of the release. Enjoy!
Ahh! I love this dress for the WellieWishers! If I ever got a WellieWisher I would get this for my doll. The little cap is so cute!
I think that the carriage is cute, but as American Girl Doll Artist mentioned, it would be better if there was an animal to pull it.
This outfit isn't anything special. The skates look like plastic and there isn't a lot of details.
I think that the set for the WellieWishers is cute. :)
Ahh! This is so cute! The little TV dinner, and then the TV trays. So cute! I love this!
I don't care for this. It reminds me of a Bitty Baby outfit. Not a big fan.
I really like this outfit! Except I don't like the sideways bow. If the bow wasn't like that I would think about getting it.
This set is cute. I like the little punch bowl and cup! :)
Now this I really like! The cookies, cookie cutters, and apron is really cute! I love it so much! Maryellen got a lot of new things in the release. :)
I'm not a fan of this outfit at all. The shoes are clunky, and the shirt is almost as long as the shorts. If it just came with the top and shorts and some different shoes, I would like it!
 I really like this outfit! It looks great on Josefina and I think it would look nice on Samantha. :)
I really like this dress too! I'm not quite a fan on the high waistline, but I still like it.
~~Truly Me~~
This is one of the newest Truly Me dolls which got released. She's pretty, but she looks a lot like the retired Emily Bennett.
Okay. I love this doll so much! She is so pretty! She's on my wishlist that will never be fulfilled!
I really like this dress! Plus it looks great on #66!
At first I didn't like this outfit, but it grew on me. I love it! It's so cute!
As with the above outfit, I didn't like it when it was released, but now I really like it!
I love, love, love this skating outfit! I love the color and everything about it!
Aww! These pajamas are so cute! I love them!

There are 4 new salon sets, but I don't really care for them.

Ahh!! I love this set so much! It is great, and the price would be affordable too! (It's $24)
Eh. I don't really like this set. The only think I like is the little olive oil bottle.
But on the other hand, I love this set! It's so cute with the blender and the cups, the only thing that would make this set better would be if the milkshakes had straws.
This set is so cute! I really want to get it! I like how the cupcakes come out of the wrappers. Nice touch AG.
I really like this table! It's cute and it looks like the cushions can come off. :)
I'm not a big fan of this set, but I do LOVE the book by Jan Brett. Jan Brett is one of my favorite children's author. The Mitten is one of my favorite books by her. :)
Now. I saved the best for last. Are you ready? (You all probably already know what it is.)
The kitchen!! AHHH!!! I love this set so much!!! Look at all the things is comes with!! This is my favorite item ever!!! I would love to get this for Christmas!! (*hint* *hint*) I love this so much! It's only $225.
That's my thoughts!

Do you agree or disagree with me?

Do you plan on getting any of the new items?

I'd love to know, comment below!


  1. I LOVE that kitchen, too! It looks so cool! I'm not sure if I'll be getting any of these items, because I don't like any of them enough to ask for them for Christmas. Even though that kitchen set is awesome, I already have one from our Generation. :P But who knows? As Christmas draws near, my opinion could change... ;P

  2. I LOVE the TM skating set and that blue and white winter outfit!!! Oh, and the breakfast set and Ice cream set and OF COURSE, the kitchen!! <3


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