Monday, August 22, 2016

Doctor Samantha {An AGPS}

Hello everyone! Samantha here. Today I have a photo-shoot of me. Enjoy!
(The only reason I titled it Doctor Samantha is that my coat reminded me of a doctor's coat, and I'm terrible at coming with titles.)

I really like the above three!

I love this one too!

The mysterious Doctor Samantha!
Which picture was your favorite?
Thank you for your feedback on our last post! On Wednesday we will post What I've Been Sewing. (Bella will write that post.)  
Did you hear the news? Melody and her collection will be released on Thursday, the 25th! Also, Beforever and Truly Me are getting some new items! I can't wait to see the release! 
Have you seen any of the leaks for the release? Are you excited?! Are you planning on buying anything?


  1. I think Samantha looks a little like Mary Poppins too. I love her hat. So pretty!
    I am super excited for the new releases! My sisters and I want to get the kitchen and several of the food sets. :) And the holiday pajamas!!! <3 :D

  2. Samantha looks cute in her outfit. the 4th photo is the best.

  3. The number 4 picture is adorable and the best.
    I love Samantha. She is my favorite.

  4. The photos are so cute. Samantha with her umbrella(4) is my favorite.

  5. Oh, I can't pick! LOL! I love all of them, but especially the ones with the sun behind Samantha. So pretty! And I've seen a little of the release and am excited for it. :D

  6. Those photos are gorgeous! Samantha is truly beautiful. :D

  7. I love the photos!! And yes, I've seen the sneak peeks! I can't wait for the release! :D

  8. Samantha you look so glorious is that hat and coat! And that umbrella is so cool! I love the props you used in this bella! Ooo I'm really excited for Melody's release, lol I thought she had already been released coz I've seen pics of her but then realized she was pre-ordered.. But I'm not sure if I will get anything, I haven't seen enough pics to make a decision >.<
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