Friday, August 5, 2016

AGP Part 2 {Historical}

Hello! It's Bella. Back in February I was able to visit the AG store in Arizona. This part has the historical  dolls in it.

My Samantha with the new Samantha. :)

I would ask which picture was your favorite, but it doesn't quite work with this post. I can though, however, ask.... Which historical doll collection is your favorite?
I think that I like all of Addy's clothes. :)
Which historical doll is your favorite?


  1. Cute! I love the AG store. I like Felicity's collection a lot. :)

  2. My favorite is Molly.

  3. My favorite is Kirsten.

  4. My favorite is the original[Pleasant Company] Samantha.

  5. I love Maryellen and Josephina's collections! However, the retired Marie-Grace and Cecíle collection was adorable while it was out!!! OOH and Kit!! Kit is so cute! And Kaya's is so unique... And Julie's is super fun! Ah, I love Historicals!!!!
    ~Tenley and The Sunshine Dollies

  6. Love Samantha... you make me want to get an America Girl doll...

    btw, do visit and follow my blog if you have some time :D

  7. AHHH...I think it's between Julie and Maryellen.


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