Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What I've Been Sewing #2 (Plus an AGPS)

Hi! Bella here. If you follow my Instagram you would have seen that I had been working on a project. Well, today I am showing you what I worked on over the weekend!  Are you ready to see it?
Ta-da! I sewed a skater dress, but I did something I've never done before! I tie dyed the dress that I had sewed. I absolutely love the finished product even though it stained my fingers! I kept the finished product a secret until today. I love it so, so much! So does Katrina. I also have a photo-shoot because Katrina convinced me that a new dress means a photo-shoot. Enjoy!

I really like this picture!
This one too!
Which picture was your favorite?
Do you like the tie dye dress?
Would you buy tie dye clothes for your doll?
Have you ever tie dyed something for your self or your doll? What are your favorite colors in tie dye? Do you like the orange, yellow, and red, or do you like the green, blue, pink?
I'd love to know; comment below! :)


  1. Ooh, that dress is beautiful! You did such an amazing job sewing it! I think tie-dye looks really cool on dolls. And my favorite picture is the 6th, with all the flowers around Katrina. That's such a beautiful photo!

  2. This dress is gorgeous, Bella! Katrina looks so pretty in it!

  3. Nice job! I love the tie dye. My dolls don't have any tie-dye clothing, and I probably wouldn't make any for them in fear of staining their vinyl. But I love the colors in the dress you made. Great work. :D

  4. Oh!! I LOVE that outfit! The skirt is so pretty!:) I've never tye-dyed anything from what I can remember... Awesome pictures!

  5. I love the dress. You did a good job. The photo of Katrina among the the flowers is my favorite.
    I like the blue,green and pink colors.

  6. Katrina looks so pretty with the flowers surrounding her. It is the favorite one for me. I prefer the blue,green and pink.

  7. I like the pink,blue and green colors. My favorite photo is the one with all the flowers. Katrina looks so peaceful surrounded by the flowers. Great job done.

  8. That's gorgeous! I love them all! It's super neato that you made that!

  9. WOOOOOWWW!!!! That looks so awesome girly!!! I love the vibrant colors! My favourite photos are the ones where the sky looks like it's a fiery orange! So cool! ^.^ This makes me want to try and tie-dye something for my dolls! You did such a good job! Well done :)
    Lydia's Dolls

  10. So cute!!! I tie dyed some socks once, but that's about it. XD


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