Monday, September 19, 2016

Swimming in September {An AGPS}

Hello everyone! Samantha here. Today I have a photo-shoot of me. Enjoy!
I really like this picture!
(Also, did I trick you by the title? I'm not actually swimming, but I am wearing my old fashioned swimming suit! :) ) 

I really like this photo!

This one too! I love how you look past the grass but the focus is on me! :)

This is my absolute favorite picture! My favorite out of all of them!
Which picture was your favorite?
I don't know if you've voted or not, but go to our last post and vote on whether the outfit is fabulous or a fail. (Well, comment on this post here and then if you haven't go comment on the other post)
I'm not very good at asking questions at the end of the post. All I can think of at the moment is accents. My sisters think that I have a British accent. They are the ones with American accents! Which accent is your favorite? There are British, American, Australia, Kiwi (New Zealand accent) plus some other accents like Ukrainian, Polish, etc. What's your favorite accent? Also, what's your favorite language? Do you know how to speak more than one language? I like Swahili, Bella knows some German, Saige likes, well I'm not sure exactly what she likes. When she posts again you'll have to ask her, and Katrina likes French. What's your favorite? Comment below and tell me! :)


  1. I like all the photos. Samantha is my favorite doll.

  2. The photos are beautiful. Samantha's swimming dress is lovely. Blue is my favorite color.

  3. I love your pictures! The second to last and the last one are my favorites, but they are all so beautiful! :)
    My favorite accent is probably British. :D My favorite language is... I hadn't put much thought into it before now! LOL! I guess English. I don't speak any other language, though, but I'm going to start taking Spanish soon. :P
    Once again, amazing photos! Samantha looks so pretty. :D

  4. Awesome pictures! Samantha is so pretty! I love the first picture! I love German, too, but accent-wise, I like English accents!;)

  5. I love the outfits you where Samantha! You always look so classy :) Oooo i'm bad with accents but i LOVE english accents, they make me laugh! And french accents are fun! But these photos are so good Bella! Your photography has improved so much!!! :D
    Lydia's Dolls

  6. The photos are ever so pretty! I love the different angles you experimented with!
    My favorite accent is probably British, although I've never heard a Kiwi accent! I speak English, but I also know a tad French! Bonjour, comment allez vous? Je mapelle Tenley, je bon!
    (How are you? My name is Tenley. I am good!)
    He he he.
    Great post! :)


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