Monday, December 19, 2016

Decorating the Christmas Tree {An AG Photo-story}

                                                    Saige stared gloomily out the window.
It was so cold, dark, dreary, gloomy, and foggy.
                                                      Katrina was the first one to find her.
                                                              "What's wrong Saige?"
"I was hoping that it would snow so I could go ice skating. It's so cold but no snow!"
                                                      She sat down on the floor depressed.
Just then Samantha came. "What's wrong?"
 Katrina told her.
 "I have an idea. But first, did you see these two packages?" asked Samantha.
Samantha led them over to a huge box.

Katrina wanted to go on top so Saige lifted her up.
"Hello down there!"
"It's addressed to Bella!" she said from the top of the box.
"This one too! But, I have a feeling that Bella wouldn't be too happy if we opened them. Let's make her show us sometime this week, and show our blog readers too!" (Wouldn't you like that? At the end of the post comment below what you think is in the packages.)
Just then Anastasia came up behind Saige and yelled, "Boo!"
                             Saige jumped up and turned around to see who scared her.
But Katrina was quicker. From her spot on top of the box she scared Anastasia. She threw her arms in the air which was quite a feat seeing that she couldn't move very well in the dress.

Samantha promptly stopped the scaring, and told Anastasia to change into her holiday outfit and that she had an idea.

The idea was to decorate the tree.

Since Anastasia was the newest family member, she got to hang up the Christmas lights.
Samantha divided up the ornaments,

While Saige and Katrina did nothing.

(Look how cute this ornament is!!)

Then, I (Bella) came after they were done decorating the tree, and forced them to take a group photo.
The dolls did this on Friday, and on Saturday it snowed! Anastasia got a photo-shoot in the snow, and Saige played in the snow.

It's only 1 week until Christmas! I hope by now your Christmas tree is up!

Do you have any guesses on what's in the two packages? Comment below!

Comment who's holiday outfit was your favorite!

Merry Christmas from the dolls and I!

P.S Like Katrina's outfit? Click *here* to see a review on it! 


  1. OOOOOOOHHHH! Is the package another doll?!?!?
    ~ Light4theLord

    1. What I got is up in a post. :)


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