Monday, December 12, 2016

Victorian Anastasia {An AGPS}

Hello! Hello! It's me Anastasia! Today I have a photo-shoot of me! I decided to put Missouri in the Fall on hold, and post a different photo-shoot. Hopefully during the week we will decorate our tree, and then there would be that post on Monday. (Hopefully)

This one is my favorite!

I really like this one too!

This one's pretty too! ^-^

This one is nice also! 

Which picture was your favorite?

In case you were wondering, I borrowed the dress from Samantha, and the dress was found at Hobby Lobby. I just love Hobby Lobby don't you?

Comment below your favorite store! (Food, craft, clothing, etc.)

Comment below! ^-^


  1. YES!! Hobby Lobby is filled with such glorious craft supplies! I love your outfit, Anastasia! ^-^ The colors really suit you! ;)

  2. What a gorgeous outfit.Anastasia.

  3. I love that outfit,Anastasia. The color is beautiful.

  4. Beautiful! What an adorable outfit.

  5. The dress is so pretty! I like the 2nd one the best, but they are all cute!

  6. Wow! That dress is so beautiful on you, Anastasia! (And Hobby Lobby is AWESOME! :D)


  7. Your dress is so pretty! :) And I think the 1st photo is my favorite. :)

  8. Those are so lovely! The doll, the dress, and the photos are stunning! *Julie popped her head in and said she wants one of those dresses* I'll have to look in Hobby Lobby next time!
    ~ Light4theLord

  9. Hi Bella! That dress is beautiful! Does it fit the 18 inch dolls well? Is it a little tight or loose? I was considering buying this with a Hobby Lobby giftcard I got for Christmas, but was wondering what your rating was. :) Thanks!


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