Friday, December 16, 2016

Review of the Sequin Skirt Outfit

Hello everyone! Bella here. For my birthday I got the Sequin Skirt outfit from American Girl during the Cyber Monday sale. (I actually asked my sister to buy it for me. (Anyone want a birthday haul?))
Also the reason there is no Fabulous or Fail? is that I was very busy all week, and then gone all day Thursday, so I didn't have time.
The outfit consists of 1 pair of red/pink shoes, 1 black sequined skirt, 1 sleeveless shirt, and 1
I really like the shoes! They are plain flats and I see them being used a lot-good mix-n-match quality. The only thing is that I can't tell quite what color they are. They do match with the embroidery on the shirt though.
Next is the skirt. Look familiar? I'm pretty sure that the material is the same materiel as Grace's Sightseeing outfit. (There was also another outfit which the skirt was made with the same material as the shorts in Grace's City outfit) I love the skirt! I see so many endless mix-n-match quality with the skirt! The only thing is that it's a tad short.
The shirt is really cute and has the same color as the headband and the shoes. I like the shirt, but it is a tad tight, and I had a hard time making the shirt look good with the skirt.
The American Girl tag on the side of the shirt. Also, the shirt is hemmed with that pink/red color.
                                                             Closeup of the embroidery.

I really like the headband and the bow on the headband, but it annoys me. The headband is almost too small, and doesn't take all the hair back. I like the headband pulling all the hair back, but it does not work this way.

Overall I rate the outfit 4.5 because the headband was small, and the shirt was a little tight.

I hope you liked this review!

Comment below if you liked this review and if you would like me to do a birthday haul!

See you guys later!


  1. That outfit looks really good on Bella :) I love the flats too!!!!! Their are plain, but cute :)

    1. Thanks! It does look good on Katrina.

  2. I'd love to see a birthday haul, first off! I like the flats (so cute and simple and perfect for several outfits!) and the skirt... I'm not sure if I like the other pieces as much. They're still cute though!
    ~ Light4theLord


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