Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Doll's Life 2nd Blogiversary!

Two years. Wow! January 3rd, 2015 Saige wanted to set up a blog.It feels like just yesterday! We both had been reading blogs like American Girl FanAmerican Girl Place, Alone in a Doll World (they changed their direction of the blog), Vinyl Girls (they don't post anymore) and a couple of others. They inspired Saige and I to start a blog. (She took all of the credit even though I helped.) Two years ago Saige and Samantha were the only ones in the doll family. That was in 2015.

This was the first picture posted on this blog. I took it using my FujiFilm camera before I switched to using my sister's Canon Rebel T3. My FujiFilm wasn't bad, but like the picture above, it didn't take very clear crisp photos.

Then, Saige posted this on the blog. *cringe* Samantha's face isn't in focus, the picture is grainy, and yellow. To show you how much I improved, I'll show you a recent photo of mine that I took.

No editing, straight from the camera. See the difference?

This blog has grown so much in 2 years.

This blog now has 76 followers. (57 Google followers and 19 email followers) (Last year we were at 50 followers.)
 39,634 page-views! (That's insane!) The most viewed post was the first Fabulous or Fail? and it was 608 page-views! I've had page-views from around the world! Belgium, Japan, Germany, Russia, Poland, Mexico, France, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, and United Kingdom. Hello to all those people who viewed my blog around the world! (And who follow me from around the world) (And a big thank you to my US readers. :) ) And, 255 posts.

People have found my blog through searching "free peoples sequin skirt" and "a doll's life declamation speech" how they searched that and found my blog I have no idea.

This year has been the best for this blog. I made three friends this year from blogging. American Girl Doll Artist (Link is to her blog) and her sister. Thank you so much AG Doll Artist and Catlover02 for being my friends. I loved being able to Skype both of you and I hope we can meet some day since we live in the same state. And my international friend Lydia who is my online BFF. I'm so happy that we've gotten to be friends! I love how we both love each other's countries that we live in. I really hope some time we can meet up even though we live 7,789 miles away from each other.
 I'm so glad that Saige decided to start this blog because I've met so many wonderful people and wonderful doll bloggers. Not all of them are my friends, but in this tight AG blogging community everyone knows everybody and it's so nice. Sadly, it seems like more and more people either go to AG Instagram or quit doll blogging all together. But we aren't focusing on our sad things today.

We're celebrating!!

Now, I'm planning something for the celebration, but it's not quite ready yet. I'll give you a hint, and you'll probably be able to guess. "Sponsor" (hint)--- guess in the comments below! If you guess right you'll get a shout out from me. :) (Unfortunately the surprise is for my US readers only.)

Thank you all who follow my blog, read each post, comment on the posts, and leave wonderful feedback. I want to thank everybody who supported Saige and I: Shelby-Grace, Gwen from Alone in a Doll World, and BadKittyProductions. They were my first commenters. My top commenters from this year, were Joan, Marilyn and Marion, Lydia, Light4theLord, and others, Also, a big thanks to Tenley for loving my blog design and telling me how dedicated I am to posting. You help me and the dolls keep blogging. :)

Thank you all so much for supporting for supporting A Doll's Life!

Comment below what you think the surprise is!

P.S. Don't forget to follow by email so you don't miss the surprise!


  1. I know!! But I'm not going to say..... XD Thanks for mentioning me, I'm glad I got to Skype with you! :) Congratulations on your 2 year blogiversary! I hope you have many more years of blogging to come. :D

  2. Way to go - what a GREAT accomplishment!!

  3. Congrats on two years of blogging! That's really great! :) I'm guessing that you're going to do a giveaway, which would be pretty cool. :)
    ~Christian Homeschooler

  4. Ah girl congrats! I'm so happy at how your blog has grown over the last few years! You are definitely an inspiration in the blogging community! I am so glad that we are online BFFs! I have learnt many things like Dillions (or whatever that store is called) is NOT a craft store >.< Congratulations on your anniversary and cannot wait to see who wins your little contest... :)
    Lydia's Dolls @ http://lydiasdolls.blogspot.co.nz

  5. Congrats!!! Your photography has really improved!! You are waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy better at posting on your blog than me. *grins sheepishly at blog which hasn't had a new post in centuries* I really enjoy your posts (Blogger and Instagram) and wish you many more awesome years in the blogging community. <3 ~Marissa

  6. CONGRATULATIONS! That is SO awesome! Your blog is amazing and I've always loved you and your dolls' posts! Wishing you many, many more absolutely fantabulous blogging years!



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