Monday, January 2, 2017

My Thoughts on the New Release

Hello everybody! As most of you know, the newest Girl of the Year was released yesterday. Her name is Gabriela McBride. Today I am going to do my thoughts on Gabriela, then tomorrow I'm going to do my thoughts on the Truly Me release. (Also, tomorrow is something very special, so stay tuned for that!

(Sorry for the watermark, I had to pull it off of Google because it doesn't work to take it from the AG site.)
So here is Gabriela McBride! Okay, I'm not going to lie; I really like her. Since I couldn't get Lea, who I absolutely loved, I want to get her or Melody.
Some people don't like her, and their reason is because she's basically Truly Me #46. American Girl retired #46, then decided to change her hair and call her a GOTY.

Now, American Girl did something that I hate, and if you aren't on AG Instagram or haven't gone to the stores you probably wouldn't know.

They changed the packaging of the doll box and clothes! Now you can't really keep the box because it's not very protective.
This is one of the outfits. NOT cool AG. No one wants you to be like OG or Barbie. I know you own Barbie too, but it's not cool, it looks cheap, and American Girl used to be better then this before Mattel bought it. If you keep changing the boxes and everything, you'll going to lose a lot of people.
Sorry for my little rant. It's just so annoying because I use the boxes to store the clothes in. I don't want AG changing that.
Now I'm going to continue on with the rest of her release.

Her accessories. I actually kind of like them. The bag, apple, water bottle, and hair accessories are really cute. I don't know why it comes with band-aids though......
Image result for gabriela mcbride stock photos
Eh. Her pajamas are okay, Nothing really special or anything, I do like however how there's not a lot of pink.
Image result for gabriela mcbride goty 2017
Why AG? You finally make a cat, but it looks like it's crazy or something and it looks like it's eyes are glazed over. Why the embroidered eyes and why not make it poseable? Definitely not buying this cat.
(Sorry I couldn't find a picture of just the studio set.)
So Gabriela has a creative studio set, which I like. It's only $58. I won't be buying it, but I think that her studio is really cool. Some people are mad that she doesn't have a big ticket item like all the past GOTYs.
Yuck! Gag me with a spoon. This is the worst outfit of Gabby's release.I like the top part with the black and then the white heart thing, but I hate the shorts leggings combination. Maybe it would be better with more of a matching color of the leggings and shorts? Definitely not buying this!

(Sorry I couldn't get the whole outfit.)]
I really like the top of this outfit, it's so sparkly. But none of my dolls dance, so I probably won't be getting it.

I like this set, but I don't like how it's all plastic. I love the laptop though! It's the best part! But for $48 it's not worth paying it for just the laptop.

(Ugh. I couldn't get the full picture again.)
This is Gabby's showtime kit. I love the silver headband, and the nail polish!!!! It's rose gold nail polish for dolls. How cool is that??? It's removable with water. I love this nail polish! I wish I could just buy the nail polish.

That's it for Gabriela. Over all, I didn't like that many of her sets. I mostly liked parts of the sets.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree with me? What do you think of the new boxes?

Comment below!

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  1. ThePolkaDotPatriotJanuary 2, 2017 at 2:11 PM

    Although I'm disappointed with Gabby, I'm also glad...I will be able to save up for other AG stuff! ;-)

  2. I definitely agree with you! And the new boxing is terrible and bad quality.
    Hopefully there will be something worth buying this year, I got Lea's bag for girls this Christmas and I absolutely love it! So yeah, I'm hoping they have something nice this year.

  3. I agree with many of your opinions. I won't be getting her because I already have #46, but Gabriela is super cute!! I find the cats expression funny, she looks like my cat when he is about to pounce on a toy. XD Maybe the band-aids are for if she hurt herself while dancing?? Still, that is kinda out of place. ~Marissa


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