Monday, February 20, 2017

Saige and Chestnut {An AGPS}

Hey! It's Saige. I don't remember when I last posted. Bella has let the other dolls post and she has posted and not let me. But I am changing that! I have a photo-shoot of me and Chestnut. If you don't remember from Christmas, Chestnut is my horse. I take care of her. :)
This is like my most favorite picture!

 I really like this one! Bella actually got some bokeh in the middle of winter! 

This is also one of my favorites!

I love this one!

This one is good too!

The golden sun! :)

And riding off into the sunset

Which picture(s) were your favorite?

Do you like horses? Have you ever ridden a horse? Comment below and tell me! Maybe I can find a horse loving friend seeing the none of my sisters are into horses.

Comment below! :)


  1. Great pictures! I really like the 13th and 14th photos. :) I think horses are majestic animals, but I've never ridden one.
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    1. Thank you so much!
      Well Bella wants to let you know that she's only ridden a horse once, and that was last summer!

  2. Nice pictures. I used to work at a ranch, so yeah, I've ridden horses. ;-)

    1. Thanks!
      That's awesome that you used to work at a ranch! I would love that job! :)

  3. Cute pictures! :) And I've ridden a horse before, at summer camp :)


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