Friday, February 3, 2017

A Doll's Life Q&A!

Hello everyone! Bella here. Anastasia. What's up? Samantha at your service. Peace hippies! Jk! It's me Saige! Hey! Katrina speaking. Now that everyone is introduced I shall begin. You mean WE will begin. Yes Saige. You are correct. We will begin. (This is why I never do all of us posting at the same time.)

The first questions were by Sophie. Let's begin with those! (P.S Check out *her blog*. She just started so check it out! :) )

Q: Why did you start your blog?
A. I started it! Saige let me answer. I helped Saige start this blog two years ago in January. We had been reading other doll blogs and I thought it would be fun to take pictures of Saige and Samantha and help them post. It was mostly for fun. :)

Q: What tips do you have for newer bloggers?
A: Hard but good question. I would say to not push yourself too hard and to have fun! What also sometimes helps is if you keep in mind why you are blogging. That will help you if blogging gets tough. Also, don't feel like you have to post everyday if you don't want to. But, if you want to post everyday that's up to you! When I decided what days that A Doll's Life was going to put out a post, it was wonderful! Schedules are great things. They make you stick to blogging and posting. If you don't have a schedule (at least for me) I didn't know when to post, if I should post again, maybe not feel like posting because I didn't have that commitment of a schedule. But, on the other hand maybe a schedule is too hard for you and that's okay! There's not a "do this" or "don't do this" for blogging. It's all up to you! Each blog is different so find what works best for you. Experiment with posting, having a schedule, what time works best. Just remember one thing: Have fun with your blog!

From Marissa 

Q: What is your favorite doll?
A: Marissa why did you have to ask that? ;) That question is hard! All the dolls are glaring at me to see who's my favorite. I love all of them! I don't have a favorite. Each are different and have their own personalities and I like them all differently and for different reasons. Sometimes I do favor some dolls at different times. (Right now Anastasia because she's the newest)

Q: (For Katrina) Which of your sisters is most likely to get caught eating cookies in the kitchen in the middle of the night?
A: Haha great question! I would say Saige. Defiantly Saige all the way!

Q: (For Saige) What is your dream job?
A: I either want to be an artist or a horseback rider in the Olympics. (Whatever they're called when they do equestrian at the Olympics)

Q: (For Anastasia) What is your favorite thing to wear on an average day?
A: Well I really like wearing just a pair of yoga pants and a short-sleeve shirt. Nothing fancy. I do like to try and wear some pink or purple each day. ^-^

Q: (For Samantha) What is your favorite hairstyle?
A: I really like Dutch Braids. It's basically a french braid but done backwards. They look really cool!

From Emma

Q: What is your favorite fantasy animal?
A: Um I guess a unicorn. I'm not really into fantasy.

Q: What's your dream job?
A: My dream job would be to work on designing clothes and dolls and taking pictures for AG. I would travel around the world with a doll and take pictures. *sigh* Wouldn't that be so cool??!

From Madison

Q: What is your favorite part about blogging?
A: My favorite part is getting comments from all you guys. I love hearing from you and I love each comment. It makes me happy whenever I get a comment on A Doll's Life latest post. :)

Q: (For Saige) What is your favorite hairstyle?
A: braids. Any kind of braids! Fishtail, french, pigtail braids, french pigtail braids. I love all the different kind of braids!

Q: (For Anastasia) Do you still feel new, or does it seem like you've lived here forever? 
A: I do not feel new here at all! I feel like I've lived here forever and ever! Saige, Samantha, and Katrina are the best sisters!

Q: (For Samantha) Favorite photo-shoot you've ever done?
A: *this* one! No if's and's or but's. Well maybe *this* or *this*. I don't know. I love all the photo-shoots!

Q: (For Katrina) Do you like being featured on this blog?
A: Yes! Of course. Speaking of which Bella needs to take another photo-shoot me. *glares at Bella*

From Lydia

Q: Do you have any advice for fellow bloggers?
A: I have some advice for newer bloggers. (See second question.) But I will say have fun, and don't push yourself too hard. If you can't post everyday it's okay. If you can't post twice a week it's okay! If you only post one week it's okay. You don't want to force yourself to always post and then take the fun out. But, don't take it to the other extreme. Sometimes you need to push yourself sometimes. It's not always going to be easy. There's sometime going to be hard times in blogging. You need to find that in between where you push yourself some, but not too much. I can't tell you where that middle is. You need to find that for yourself.

Q: Do you have any tricks for getting your blog name out in the community?
A: A couple things. If you comment on people's posts and leave your blog url and the bottom of the comment that is helpful. If you just started you might want to comment and then sign your name but add a P.S which would say something like "If you would like to please check out my blog at " Something like that. Getting your blog name out in the community does take some time like everything. Guest posting would also be good. You post on someone's blog and then they would post on yours. That way you both get exposure. :)

From Anna (she also asked about advice too so see above. :) )

Q: What's your favorite color?
A: Pink! Pink all the way! I like other colors but pink is my favorite. ^-^

Q: How did you come up with your blog name?
A: Well Saige and I both came up with the name A Doll's Life. We threw a couple ideas around and we decided on A Doll's Life because this blog would show about a doll's life.

Q: Any tips for coming up with a good blog name?
A: That's a hard question. Um I would say make sure your blog name has to do with what your blog is about. If you have a art blog name it with something with art in the name. If you have a doll blog don't name it something like "Sky photography. That's all I have.

From mimiamericangirl

Q: How many dolls do you have?
A: There are four dolls in A Doll's Life house. :)

From Light4theLord

Q: Which doll has the most fun hair to style?
A: Katrina. Her hair is the best because it's a nice length and completely straight.

Q: Do any of the dolls play sports?
A: No but Saige wants to try to play soccer.

Q: What's Samantha's favorite movie?
A: Little Women and Anne of Green Gables

Q: What are some blogging goals for 2017?
A: Actually for the past two years we really haven't set any goals. But I would say probably for us to keep posting twice a week. :)

From Shelby-Grace

Q: What hobbies or sports do you do?
A: I don't do any sports but my hobbies are reading, writing, blogging, sewing, and knitting. :)

Q: If you could only buy one more doll ever, who would you choose?
A: I was going to right away say Lea, but as I was thinking about it I really want a Pleasant Company Felicity and a white body Samantha. So since all are retired and are only available on the second hand market, I would decide between one of them if I find one for a good price. :)

Q: What would your dream doll look like?
A: Marie-Grace mold with Felicity's eyes, curly black wig, and a splash of freckles. Wouldn't that doll be so pretty?

Thank you all so much for asking these wonderful questions!

Did you enjoying reading our answers?

Did you agree with any answers?

Was my blogging advice helpful?

Comment below!

Also what would your dream doll look like?


  1. Awesome post! I loved reading it. Your blogging advice was really helpful. I need to push myself more with my blog. I'm not sure what my dream doll would look like....

  2. Thank you so much for answering my questions!
    I really enjoyed reading your answers to all the questions people asked.

    Your dream doll sounds so amazing! I would buy her immediately if she was really made by AG.
    My dream doll would be a Classic mold with grey eyes, bobbed (like Kit's) red hair, and extra freckles. :)

    1. You are welcome! I enjoyed answering!
      Ooo that would be cute! :)

  3. Ahhh I love reading Q&A's! Thank you so much for your helpful advice!! :D
    Lydia's Dolls @

  4. I loved reading that!
    I don't have a dream doll...YET! 😃

    1. Thank you Anna! I'm sure you'll get one! ;)

  5. My dream doll would be long blond hair and freckles or long red hair and freckles. Definitely freckles!


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