Friday, June 16, 2017

A June Morning

It was a morning in June when all of us dolls were outside.
Sydney and Samantha were talking.
Saige was taking care of Chestnut.
Katrina was doing who knows what. (Probably listening to Sydney's and Samantha's conversation.) Also, I don't know what was up with her hair. She did it herself. She wanted to wear as many teal things as possible.
And I (Anastasia) was playing with Toasty.

Here I am about to throw Toasty a stick.
She is so ready to chase the stick. 

I might have thrown it a little too far, but she still got it. :)
When she came back, I told her she was a good girl.
I had to put this picture in because I love it so much!
Sydney and Samantha are still talking.
All of a sudden, Toasty heard something in the bushes.
"No Toasty!" I yelled as she ran over to the bushes.
"Come back Toasty!" I called as I ran. The cause of her running to the bushes was a dog.
The dogs sniffed each other.
Pretty soon I was playing with both dogs. I wanted to keep the other dog.
Samantha on the other hand said, "Anastasia this is probably someone's pet and they are probably worried about it."
"But there's not a collar! Can't we keep the dog?" I begged her.
"Samantha is right," Saige said. "At least put flyers up."
"Yes. We will put up flyers that we found a lost dog and if now one claims the dog we will decide from there. Okay?"
"Okay," I replied in a melancholy voice.

Long story short, we now have the dog as our pet because no one said that the dog was theirs. So I named him Meatloaf. Please welcome Meatloaf to our family!

Have you ever adopted a pet?

What's your favorite type of animal? 

In this post did you notice something different? Or should I say someone looked a little different? (Try to guess before looking.)

Sydney got glasses! Her glasses look really 50's but seeing she likes history and all that stuff it fits her :)

Do you have glasses?

Comment below!

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  1. My Melody has those glasses, too! Cute photostory. Glad you got to keep Meatloaf, Anastasia!

    1. That's cool! I'll have to tell Sydney :) Thank you! I am so glad that Meatloaf is mine ^-^

  2. I love this story! And the pictures are AMAZING!!!!!!!
    I love 5, 9, 10 and the last one! Sydney is so cute!
    I have glasses (I don't wear them all the time), but no doll glasses.

    1. Aw thank you! I'll tell Sydney ^-^ That's cool :)

  3. Aw! I love Sydney's glasses! And Meatloaf is so cute!

  4. I LOVE Sydney in those glasses. Meatloaf is adorable. My dolls have too many pets. heh, heh


    1. I've nominated you!


    2. I'll tell her :) Thank you for nominating me! I'll go check it out right now

  5. Aww, Meatloaf is ADORABLE!
    I actually recently got those glasses for Saige!


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