Monday, June 19, 2017

Adventures in the Woods

Hello everyone! This is Bella. First off I have an announcement. I will be working in my church's VBS (Vacation Bible School) this week so if I don't reply to your comments that is why. :) I do read and appreciate everyone of them though!
Now that that is done I have a photo-shoot today of mini Kaya! 
Enjoy :) 
I love this one!

I really like the above two too!

Mini dolls are so fun to photograph!

Which pictures were your favorite? 

Do you have any mini dolls?

Which mini doll is your favorite?

Comment below!


  1. I have mini Caroline, Felecity, Marie-Grace, and Cecile. Those pictures are so cute! �� Just curious, what's your VBS called? I have one this week, too, and I thought it would be super cool if it was the same one!

  2. Aww! She's so cute! My sister has a mini Kit that I make clothes for. I like all of them and can't pick a favorite!

  3. These pictures are so great! I think Kaya is adorable! Have fun working at VBS! :)

  4. These photos are adorable! I have Mini Saige and Mini Kaya.

  5. These photos are so cute! My favorite is the first one. :)
    What VBS are you doing?
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    1. Thank you! I did Operation Arctic :)


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