Monday, July 3, 2017

Happiness Is.. - A Photoshoot

Hi guys! It's American Girl Doll Artist here. I'm very excited to be writing a guest post on my friend Bella's blog! I took some photos of red-headed Darica last week and had a lot of fun. :) 

                                                                 Happiness is a cozy blanket. 

                                                                 Happiness is a new doll. 

                                         Happiness is an American Girl book you HAVEN'T read. 

                                            Happiness is a miniature backpack. (Isn't it so cute?!)

                                                         Happiness is singing your heart out. 

                                               Happiness is taking your doll for a photoshoot. 

                                  Happiness is when your doll is actually looking at the photo. 

                                                                   Happiness is a pet to hug. 

Thanks for reading guys! I love to know what your favorite photo is, and which "happiness is.." line you could relate to! :) Be sure to comment below! ❤ 

- American Girl Doll Artist

This is Bella and I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to American Girl Doll Artist guest posting today!


  1. Oh, so cute! I love that! Great job!
    ~ Light4theLord

  2. Woah, I am always in awe of both Bella and AGDA's photography, but these are especially spectacular. It is an amazing photo shoot.


  3. So pretty! Singing and reading are always great forms of happiness!

  4. Wow, she's really talented! Reading, singing, and getting a new doll are awezome, but true happiness, of course, comes from Jesus. �� Loved this! ��

  5. awesome!:) beautiful pictures


  6. Nicely done. My favorite photo is the one of Darica holding her doll up in the air.

  7. I love this! :) I can definitely relate to the doll actually looking at the camera one XD

  8. The one I can relate to the most is,"Happiness is a cozy blanket"!

  9. All of the photos are great, but my favorite was "singing your heart out". Great post!

  10. Aww....Darica is so cute, as is mini Lea! I can definitely relate to; ''Happiness is a cozy blanket'' and ''Happiness is a pet to hug''!



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