Monday, July 17, 2017

Learning to Ride a Horse

It was a summer evening and I (Katrina) decided that I wanted to learn how to ride a horse.
I threw on some overalls and went outside after telling Saige I wanted to learn how to ride Chestnut.

Me petting beautiful Chestnut.
Saige holding Chestnut 
Saige was telling me the basics of riding before I got on the horse.

Saige helped me to get onto Chestnut. Let me tell you it was hard!
She's giving me a boost!
Almost there and on the horse!

Ta da! I'm on the horse!
Although in the process of getting up on the horse, my glasses slide off. Thankfully Saige grabbed them for me.
I'm on top of the world! Okay maybe like I'm on top of a horse.
Saige giving me more instructions.
For Narnia! 

I had so much fun learning how to ride a horse! Thank you Saige for teaching me! 

Bella took some bonus pictures of Saige which I thought I would post. 

I couldn't decided which of the above two to post, so I posted both of them. :)

Which picture was your favorite?

Do you know how to ride a horse? If you do do you like riding horses?

If you don't know how to ride a horse do you want to know how? Comment below!

If you remember a couple posts back Bella said that A Doll's Life hit 122, well it's changed again!! We now have 262 followers!!!! (Give or take. It's hard to count all of those email followers.) We (all of us at A Doll's Life) want to thank all of you so much for following. For all the new email followers thank you!! We would send a thank you email to each of you for subscribing but unfortunately that is too hard because our email host doesn't send one out automatically :(. -Update!- We are right now trying to send out a thank you to our new email followers. The title will be Thank you for subscribing to A Doll's Life. If you see that email it is from us rest assured. :) Anyways we want to do something special to celebrate but we don't know what! If you have any ideas please comment below!

Thanks again!

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  1. These are great pictures!

  2. I love riding horses :D

    Congratulations on 262 followers!!

  3. I rode a horse once when I was in preschool. I don't really remember it, though.
    Wow, 262 followers?! Congratulations!!!

    1. Aw that's sad. Hopefully you can ride again! I know right?!! It's a LOT. Thanks! :)

  4. Love those pics, too!
    Congratulations Katrina!

  5. I love horses, but have a fear of heights close to the ground, so...I have been on a horse a few times. It's neat, but scary too.

    1. I really love horses too. :) Not as much as Saige though. It is a little scary to be up so high.

  6. Horses are so much fun! When I was 6-7 I used to take horse lessons from my cousin, who owns a horse.

    P.S. I smiled so big when I saw "For Narnia!" on here!

    1. They are! That's so cool! I'm glad I could make you smile. :) Which is your favorite Narnia book?


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