Monday, January 22, 2018

Giveaway with DreamWorldCollection!

Hello everyone! I'm so excited for this post!

Back on January 3rd, A Doll's Life had it's 3rd year blogiversary! To celebrate this milestone A Doll's Life is having a giveaway! 

DreamWorldCollection has so kindly sponsored an outfit for this giveaway. A BIG thank you to DreamWorldCollection!

Are you ready to see what you could win?

You could win this Urban Explorer outfit for 18 inch dolls!

It comes with a pair of brown boots
A cute paperboy hat
It comes with a jacket which closes with Velcro
And this adorable dress! 

Are you ready to find out how to win?!


1. Follow A Doll's Life 

2. Have your parents permission if you're under 18

3. Live in the US or have a US shipping address

In order to enter you must comment below your name, if you have your parents permission (if you're under 18), how you follow A Doll's Life. If you have a Google profile just say that you follow with your Google profile. (Your username will show up when you comment) If you are an email follower specify you're an email follower, BUT you must let me know what your email address is. You can either let me know your email address in the first comment, or in a separate comment if you'd like. I will be moderating comments so the comment with your email will NOT be published and I will not give it away.

That's it! That's how you enter!

Would you like extra entries?

Like and follow A Doll's Life on Facebook +1
(tell me under what name you follow me with)

Follow A Doll's Life on Instagram +1 
(tell me your account name that you follow with)

             Share the picture below on your blog, Facebook, Instagram, etc. +1 for each entry. 
                                                 (may share multiple times for more points.)

This giveaway ends February 27th at midnight CST. I will announce the winner the morning of February 28th. 

Don't forget to share and earn extra entries in this giveaway!

Good luck!  

If you have any questions comment below!



  1. That is SUCH an adorable outfit!!!!!!! *runs around squealing* *stops so I can check the list of entry stuff*
    1. I'm following A Doll's Life as L4TL and I have permission... and I'm in the US. *cheers*
    I followed you on Instagram! (dollsnall4ever)]
    Thanks so much for hosting! And happy blogiversary!
    ~ Light4theLord

  2. I would like to enter! I follow your blog by email, and I live in the U.S. Thanks for the giveaway, and congratulations on blogging for three years!

  3. I love this outfit!! It's so adorable. I just followed why my Google account, hopefully it worked lol. I also follow you on instagram, my username is AGJitters!

  4. I'm following you by way of Instagram, and I'd love to win this very cute ensemble for my AG dolls! Thank you very much! �� I'm @agdollipops.

  5. Wow! Three years!
    I think the floral skirt is my favorite part of that outfit.

  6. My Name is Leanne Wingfeather and I follow your blog by email. This outfit is so cute! My mom says I am definitely allowed to enter.

  7. That's a great giveaway and a great outfit!
    Have fun with the giveaway!

  8. P.S. I shared this post on my blog at

  9. i would like to enter! i have my parent's permission and i follow by email and wordpress.

    congrats on three years! :)

    xo loren

  10. i also follow you on instagram (my username is happyhouseofag).

    xo loren

  11. I shared it!

  12. Hey, that outfit is so cute! My mom says yes, and I am following by email. I also do live in the USA!

  13. Hi! Didn't think to enter before, but now...please enter me/us in your giveaway. Shared this post on the blog and our Facebook page.
    Also liked your Facebook page. :-)

  14. Congrats! Follow. Adult. Live in US. Thanks for a fantastic giveaway.


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